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It all comes down to what's actually in the stuff, and because that can vary, it's best to contact the specific location you'll visit.

That said, it looks like their website does offer a link to an allergen guide:

Allergen guides can be helpful, but they're only a starting point where Whole30 is concerned. You'll basically want to find things that are not shown as having dairy, peanuts, soy, wheat, or gluten; then, from your list of potentials (free from those things) you'll have to further remove anything that has grains or pseudo-grains, sweeteners (other than compliant ones like fruit juice or dates), as well as any of the other non-compliant things that like to hide (like carrageenan and sulfites). Make a list of what you want to check out, and then call the restaurant during non-peak hours or send an email asking specific questions about ingredients, including how meats are marinated.

It takes a little effort when the restaurant hasn't gone through the trouble of giving you a road-map to making a compliant meal, but it's worth it to go in as prepared as possible.

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There's also this from their website: https://www.corelifeeatery.com/nutrition/paleo/. It basically recommends that you make your own bowl for Paleo. 

Based on this page, it looks like the chicken bone broth is compliant: https://www.corelifeeatery.com/menu/chicken-bone-broth/

But, honestly, I wasn't able to find complete information about ingredients so you'll likely have to call the place and ask questions. For example, I don't see anything about how the meats are cooked. Is a compliant oil used? Are compliant spices used? And I don't see anything about the dressings. Do they have sugar or other non-compliant ingredients in them? Those are questions you'd have to ask... 

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