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Chronic cough due to GERD / acid reflux

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Hi I posted in the intro/welcome forum also..

I'm on day 6 and surprised to have my chronic acid reflux / GERD that I was hoping to address in 'reintroduction' as to which foods were triggering.  Right now I just have a sore throat and chest congestion, but can feel the cough coming on which is really horrible, keeps me up all night with the coughing attacks, etc. 

I also have been having low energy, constipation, and bloating.  I'm wondering if there are some logical answers to this?  Like perhaps, I'm detoxing from a diet heavy in sugar and had gotten away from my healthy habits, so now my body is trying to get rid of some of those reserves?  

I'm staying with it and feeling positive and hopeful, but man I feel crummy!!


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I'm not sure about the GERD, but the constipation is generally one or more of: not enough veggies, not enough fat, or not enough water.  So be sure you're having lots of vegetables at each meal, and that over the course of your week that you're having a variety of types (you want both soluble and insoluble fiber, so you want leafy greens and starchy vegetables, and other vegetables too). For water, divide you weight in pounds by 2 and aim for that many ounces (so if you weigh 120 lbs, aim for at least 60 oz). And add a serving or two of fat to each meal, generally in addition to any oil you cook in.

For the GERD, is there anything you're having now you haven't had before, or anything you're now having a lot more of than you did before? If there's one or two things like this that stand out, maybe cut back on those for a while, or even cut them out completely for a couple of days, and see if you notice a difference. For example, for some people, they are suddenly eating three eggs or more every day, when they used to have them occasionally, and while they tolerate them occasionally, in larger quantities it turns out they don't agree with them, so it might be something like that. Nuts or coconut/coconut milk are another thing people often ramp up consumption of on whole30. Even some vegetables may bother some people, like if they're suddenly eating a ton of peppers or eggplant. 

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