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Need breakfast Help

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The meal template is a recommendation, not a rule. If it doesn't work for him, he can modify it.  This might mean only using whatever fat things are cooked in, not adding any. Or he may find he can add a little bit, maybe olives or avocado work better for him than mayo or an oil based sauce.

He could do soup. Blended ones with some coconut milk or coconut cream might be a way to get some fat in, if that works for him -- maybe make the soup without adding the coconut milk and let him add some to each serving so he can figure out how much works for him. I like a blended butternut squash soup, and often just chop up whatever protein I've got left over and mix it into a serving to have a complete meal.

Or Google whole30 breakfast salad to see quite a few ideas, if that sounds like something he'd prefer. Of course you don't have to have something specifically labeled breakfast, but there are quite a few ideas out there. 

Generally if people will just start eating breakfast, they do get more used to it and can go from never eating breakfast to always wanting it.

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