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I'll be  staying with a vegan friend for three nights later this week. I'd normally just bring my own food or borrow her kitchen, but it feels like it would be incredibly rude to show up with a cooler full of bone broth soups and bacony things. 

Do any of you have suggestions on vegan foods that would work? Particularly vegan foods that might be palatable enough that I could cook them for someone? In addition to the regular whole30 restrictions I can't do nightshades or mushrooms.

Thank you!

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There aren't really any vegan protein options on whole30. 

Maybe go with eggs for most of your meals, possibly have some chicken or fish for others, and if you're worried about cooking smells, look for things you wouldn't need to cook there, like a rotisserie chicken or cans of tuna or salmon (though those will have their own smells, so maybe that's not helpful).  Do some sides the two of you can share, and let her add whatever her choice of protein is to her meal, there are plenty of vegetable options you could both have. 

Mostly, I would suggest talking to her beforehand and try to figure out what you can both be comfortable with.

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