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Day 5- AHA moments , followed by evening crash


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Yesterday (sunday) was my day 5. I woke up feeling great (other than some muscle stiffness from the prior days' snow shoeing excursion) and full of energy. I had a breakfast that was turkey sausage, broccoli and eggs. I stayed busy all morning and early afternoon taking holiday decorations down . Never stopped once other than to drink tea or water. I got ready to leave and go into town around 2:30 only to realize I hadn't eaten anything since 8:30 that morning. WOW, and I wasn't even all that hungry but I ate some leftover grass fed roast and a half of an avocado. The fact that I was not hungry or feeling shaky by that point in the day was a huge aha moment for me.

Does this mean my body is making the switch and burning energy differently?

I ran into town about 2:30 and got home about 5:30, did evening chores and came in , only to hit a wall. A total and complete wall. I almost felt like I was coming down with the flu or something. My energy level tanked, my muscles really ached and I generally felt like a steaming pile of you know what.

I ate dinner which was homemade chicken soup from scratch that had been simmering most of the day with lots of veggies and from leftover free range chicken I had roasted two nights before but didn't feel a whole lot better.

I went ahead and took a hot 20 minute detox bath with epsom salt, sea salt , baking soda , ginger and apple cider vinegar, followed by a cool shower.

I felt a lot better after that and then hit the sack.

Today is better .. so far..

Will this late day thing be an issue for a while until I make a total adjustment?


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Congrats on keeping it up! I'm on Day 7 and experienced some similar (but not as severe) symptoms. Particularly, I was getting brain-fog around midday.

I didn't experience it all on Day 6 though and I think that's because I ate large plates of food for all three meals. I think on the Whole30 it's really crucial to make sure you eat enough food. It's easy to feel full because of the protein/fat you're consuming, but always try to eat 4-5 hours after each meal and make it nice and balanced!

Sounds like you had a good Meal One on that day, but Meal Two may not have been large enough to sustain you (also missing veggies). Meal Three sounds like a delicious soup!

Definitely keep it up! The first week or two are normally tough, so I'm trying to power through the various struggles. I think if you continue eating balanced meals your body will adjust to the diet changes.

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Thanks Della. I was definitely in a rush at the second meal that day and I wasn't overly hungry either so I will have to keep tabs on that.! At first I was a bit worried about the various little struggles but now I am kind of look at them as little challenges that I can conquer!

p.s. on the soup.. sounded and smelled really good all day.. but turned out really bland tasting... Will have to doctor up tonight somehow.!

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I agree with Della with the addition that you may have needed to eat some carbs specifically. Getting fully fat adapted may take more time. You may have burned off your glycogen stores staying busy all day and hit the wall. Even when you are fully fat adapted, eating carbs can be important. Most people feel and perform better eating some in the form of sweet potatoes, winter squash, or root vegetables generally.

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For me.... Especially with my crazy work schedule and workout/ training schedule, it is very very important to stay ahead of my caloric intake with careful planning... It becomes second nature very quickly... Or I will crash and burn.

It was very hard for me at first because I was being very " calorie counting conscious" " what if something comes up and I don't workout in the morning?" I had to let go and I trusted in that everything I was eating was making me more healthy and not to worry about numbers, my body will tell me what I need and I can adjust down the line if needed...

Also stay ahead of your water intake as you are probably eating much less sodium with no junk food and much more " diuretic " minerals such as potassium from all the greens and veg.... I pound water all day long

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Acer! Thanks for the testimony! I have not experienced this crash yet, but thanks to your post, maybe I can avoid it. :) I do appreciate that the moderator let us know his thoughts on the subject as well.

Which chicken soup did you make? Also, what did you use to spice it up and did it work? I'm absolutely loving the recipes we can find through here.

I'm trying this one for Sheperds Pie ---sans the "coconut flour" - since processing a coconut into flour takes it way beyond it's natural state:


Also, this chicken curry and cauliflour rice look great:


I just finished making the Morocan Meatballs, using hamburger instead of lamb. They smell amazing! I'm letting them cool. This is the recipe we got in our "Day 3" Whole30 Daily Emails.


Thanks again for sharing your story, the forum support is invaluable! ~ Susan

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