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Started September 24


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Hiya! I just started my first Whole30 yesterday. So far, so good. 

I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs all that often (until now!). I don't eat any fish or meat, and have no desire to at this point. So I am not planning on modifying the Whole30 in and eating any non-compliant foods as written; it's going to be eggs, eggs, eggs, and more eggs! I will probably eat more nuts and seeds than is optimal for the omnivores, but don't intend to go crazy. I am not too worried that giving up dairy will be too difficult; I am going to find legumes and grains much, much more challenging. Oh, and all my teeth are sweet...

But I can do it! (Please, please tell me I can do it. :lol:)

I'm thinking my re-introductions (I should probably not be focusing on this part so early on, eh?) will be done in a different order, based on my protein needs and my likely aversion to eggs by the end of it. I am hoping to do these rather slowly, one sub-type at a time, with rest/Whole30 days in between.

  1. Legumes (lentils, then chickpeas, then kidney beans, etc., with soy last)
  2. Non-gluten grains & pseudo grains (quinoa, then rice, then oats, etc.)
  3. Sugar (vanilla almond milk coffee creamer -- I know black coffee is. not. hard. But it's hard!, maple syrup)
  4. Dairy (yogurt, then soft cheese, then hard cheese...)
  5. Gluten grains (wheat should probably be last, but whoo-boy, this is what I anticipate I will miss more than anything)
  6. Alcohol

Ok, I am committed. Fingers crossed. 



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