Feeling pretty terrible


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I am on day 10, and have had a pretty negative experience so far. Last week I was bloated, gassy and had diarrhea. This week I am constipated. After eating I feel lethargic and bloated, and come 3:00pm everyday I feel I need a nap. 

Im not eating so far off from my regular diet, as I am plant based, (eating eggs and fish only on occasion) I only eat spelt/sourdough bread and very little to no sugar... I havent had any sugar cravings or any cravings for that matter.

I joined whole30 to deal with my relationship with food, less with the detoxing aspect, but I feel as though my relationship to food isn't improving because everything I eat makes me feel unwell after.  I am thinking about stopping because I am pretty unhappy and its not doing me good. But theres a little voice in my head telling me to stick with it till it gets better (will it get better?) Could it be that whole30 doesnt work for everybody? 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!! 


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