Starting October 21st. Anyone else? Also, I’m looking for insight on the reintroduction piece of this journey!

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Hi everyone! I’m new to this but I’m am so tired of being tired! I am uncomfortable in my body and just overall sluggish all the time. Oh, and oddly moody lately.

What is making me the most nervous is the “reintroduction” period! How has that been for folks? I couldn’t find any info on this. 

Anyway, I’m committed to figuring out why I feel so junky. I’m sure it’s food related, considering all the garbage out in food these days! Looking forward to having a forum community for support and answer questions that come up along the way. 

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Hi there! What for me really helped during the reintroduction was planning out my meals and journaling how I felt after each category was reintroduced. I still look back on it whenever I'm feeling a little off and I've noticed that it does have to do with the amount of things I'm eating. For example, whenever I have had a couple nights of restless sleep and stirring, I know that I've been consuming too much dairy (what can I say, I love cheese!). But it's definitely true what tbrunhoefer said, by the time you finish the first 30 days of Whole30, it's not that hard switching back and forth between reintroducing and evaluating. 


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I also starting on the 21st. My name is Anissa. My boyfriend and I are currently in the  Dominican having an AMAZING time, but I can already tell I need a reset when I get home. Joe has done a Whole30 with my before. He's choosing not to this time, and I'm OK with that. He is still super supportive. He has a lot of dietary restrictions anyway, which is why he did one before. So we eat fairly "Whole30" anyway. 

This will be my 3rd Whole30. Always resets my body and my thinking. I've never actually done the reintroduction portion. Which seems kind of nuts. I don't think I have many (if any) food restrictions. I stay away from "carbs" as a general rule as I come from a family of raging diabetics. But so far, my blood sugars have been OK. I could lose weight. 30 lbs in a perfect world, probably 20lbs realistically. I am a 44 year old mother of 2 (17 & 19). I've run 2 full marathons and countless 1/2 marathons (not fast. Lol) I definitely drink more alcohol than I should. Whole30 is always a perfect reset for me.

We'll by home on Sunday (NY) and I will head out to do my shopping and meal prep. Until then, I will continue to enjoy these last few amazing days in paradise!

I look forward to having a support group on the forum. I've always read, but never really contributed. Figured since I'm going this one alone, it would be a good time to connect with people.



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Hi Sewdarncrafty, I'd love to start next Mon, the 21st.  Well, "love" is a strong word.  I know already that I need an accountability partner to stay on Whole30.  I will just treat this Whole30, my third, as my initial one.  I just bought an InstaPot, so will be experimenting with that.  The reason I'm heading back to Whole30 I'm just hitting the carbs too heavy!  

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On 10/14/2019 at 6:21 PM, RunningForLife said:

I am starting tomorrow. A little scared. The last time I gave up after 15 days ugh ! Hoping to do the whole 30 days this time. 

Reintroduction will be liberating and you will feel so much better knowing what makes you feel better/worse. It’s a great feeling when you can move forward to your food freedom with so much knowledge

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Got through yesterday with not too many Hiccups, left it too long between Lunch and dinner, a it of a Head ache going to bed, all clear this morning, 3 egg Omelette, with mushrooms,Tomatoes and Olives on the side.

Had a green tea, so going for the black coffee now.

The Lads have just mailed me to go for a blowout on sat the 9th,  you don't hear from them in an age. The will power will be tested that day. 

Also have to go out of office today to do a promotion with dinner included in a work canteen, that should be interesting, hopefully its a fancy joint with good food......

Keep strong these tests along the way will make this thing interesting.:rolleyes:

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Good morning, Irishboy! Your omelette sounds delicious.

Isn't that always the way?! Lol I'm sure you'll be fine on the 9th. Hell....we'll be 1/2 way through by that point. I feel like it gets easier once you have a little more time invested to say no to temptations.

Good luck at work today & hopefully they have some good choices at dinner.

How's everyone else doing on here??

Welcome to Day 2, folks!!

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I had no worries at all, they had olives, pine nuts fats sorted,Rockett  and tomatoes veg, chicken and a variety of cold meats. As they also gave out pack lunches i had the salad bar to myself, i even went for 2nds.

I have got a headache 2 nights running, drank lots of water and it eventually went, but starting to feel the morning energy burst, also sleeping alot better.

getting into the groove now,but i know theirs a kick coming when i least expect it.


keep it going , you know it will be worth it.

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That's great, Irishboy! Love it when it all works out. Day 3 is in the books. I'm feeling good. Worked out with a personal trainer today (good friend of mine), and went shopping for a few home gym things b/t clients. I love her and she's teaching me great stuff, but I won't do it forever. Just need to get a solid foundation for lifting and strength training. I've really only ever run before this, and I know I need to do more with strength, especially as I age. Plus, I just don't have it in me to train for a marathon anymore.

Love all the food I'm eating. No more meal prep or cleaning them normal, honestly, with all of Joe's dietary restrictions. It does get expensive, though. Which is frustrating. Why is the most healthy food to put into our bodies also the most expensive?? It makes it almost inaccessible to those on a budget, or who don't prioritize it (although that's not always true.) Anyway, rant over.

Still not sleeping amazing, though I rarely do. So turn my head off at night. But hopefully that will come. I definitely feel less "puffy", especially since coming back from vacation and all the eating/drinking shenanigans that went on there. Lol

Glad to be getting back on track and looking forward to a very busy (work mostly) yet smooth Whole 30 weekend. Hope everyone is doing well in their first week. Would love to hear how everyone's making out!


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HI Niss6575

looks like its us 2 on this thread, is there anybody out there.

On day 4 , so no headache last night , so it decided to move to this morning instead. also noticed i a bit moody, intolerant today, so stay away the fuse is short.

Food going well i have a routine going, just trying to mix it up.

I was meant to do the Dublin Marathon the weekend, but have a calf injury which wont budge so spectating will be my only participation this weekend. Triathlon  is my addiction, took it up 4/5 years ago and love it, it has everything, fun, challenge, social , and looneys who push themselves to hard and have a great time ribbing each other or supporting each other whatever is required.


i didn't get what you meant about " Joes dietary requirements"

Have a good day 4.


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Guess not. I hear crickets. Lol

Long day. Just heading to bed. A little tough watching football tonight and not having a drink. Chamomile tea's not the same. ;)

What was your diet like before Whole30? They say the "worse" it was, the more you suffer the 1st few days. I've never really felt a lot of the things on the timeline, although I'm not gonna lie...I am pretty gassy the last couple days. Lol. (TMI - I know.) Hope its my gut digestion getting back on track. And I'm always moody, ask my teens. Hahahha.

My boyfriend is sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts, so as a general rule, we steer clear of most of that stuff. Well...he does totally. I do mostly out of solidarity and b/c I generally eat lower carb b/c of my family's genetic predisposition to diabetes. 

Have you ever run a full marathon before? I've done 2. I think I'm done. I just don't have it in my to run that far anymore. I've considered triathlons in the past. I have a bike, but haven't ridden in years, and I'm not a strong swimmer. Plus, I loathe cold water. Lol. But it honestly does sound intriguing. I run with a group of 6-8 women. We do all sorts of stuff together. If ONE of them would do it with me, I'd try...once. 7 of us run this race each year called Seneca7. It's a 77.7 mile relay race around Seneca Lake. It take about 12 hours. It's a crazy day, but super fun. We plan to do it 7x, each of us taking a different leg each time. That way we will all have effectively run around the entire lake ourselves. This April will be our 5th time.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Off to bed. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. With NO headache! Day 4 done. 

Onward we go!


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Who hoo no Headache, its finally working the bad stuff is leaving.

i m with ye , for a fleeting moment a glass of wine was calling last night , but lasted fifteen minutes as the kids Halloween costumes needed an overhaul.

The diet part is a little funny, i find with the whole 30 you put manners on yourself, and say no to the easy things(junk) for long time, but over time i start adding the bad stuff until it becomes normal. i also train quite a bit , run around after 3 kids and work in the middle of the city centre, all of which make the bad choices easy.

Im good with breakfast and lunch, don't really do takeaways, try to stay away from processed food in general, i have a dreadful sweet tooth, and i like to unwind with wine on the weekends. 

on The Whole 30, i stick to eating 3 times a day, no coffee after lunch (2 o clock)

i find i need to vary the food a bit more, as the longer it goes on it becomes a little boring.

i have completed one marathon , got injured on 30km mark and battled through to the finish line. Split a muscle in my pelvis and had rest up dono exercise for 3 months. To recover  i basically had to do Pilates at a starter level and work my way back. So i was hoping to resolve some unfinished business this year. Ah Well S**t happens.

Well done on the Seneca7, good luck with the training.

My triathlon plans started, were most mad plans start in the Pub after a race, the issue is we were all terrible swimmers and still are, but i can crawl through the distance.

Day 5 , Friday of a bank holiday here, i'm olso taking the midterm off with the wife and kids. so looking forward to the break and the challenges that throws up.

i will dip in and out, but maybe not everyday, keep it strong 1st weekend is always the worst.





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I too started the Whole 30 on the 21st. I did it last year starting the day after Super Bowl and went until Memorial Day. Didn't feel like stopping at the 30 day or the 60 day mark. I gained a little of the weight back and feel gross again so looking forward to this 30 days and who knows it might go longer.  The first week is always the hardest for me as I miss that drink in the evening to wind down and I miss that small snack of something sweet. I try to keep a bag of raw almonds around and they seem to help with the sweet tooth and then there are a few teas that I have found that seem to be great as well that are all natural no sweetener. Rasberries are also a go to for me.  Anyone else have ideas about the something sweet? 

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