Starting TODAY (27 September)

Max Welton

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I was recently describing my various aches and pains to my sister (we are both in our early 60s) and she turned me on to Whole30. She is a pretty smart lady so I bought a copy of "It Starts with Food" and decided to get started. I recently retired and it seems like a good excuse to learn some cooking skills. Yesterday I learned how to overcook a thin cut of steak in the skillet. ;-)

Anyways, I am off to create some one-person meals based on the Whole30 rules and lists. And read these forums of course. 

I'm hoping to correct six decades of lousy eating choices. Wish me luck!

Max Welton

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So this is day 5. No big problems so far.

On day 2 I woke up at 4:30 in the morning very hungry. That has only happened the one time though. Not sure I'm really sleeping any better yet though.

I have been experiencing some light nausea in the mornings. Breakfast has been some variation of eggs, hash browns and fruit plus a cup of coffee.

I am noticing that the cup of coffee has a much stronger effect than before. If I have a second cup now my hands shake. Previous to this (and for the last ... 60 years) I've been a serial coffee drinker, one cup after another all day, each heavily sugared. I view this as a positive development ... but noteworthy.

Sunday my son and I discovered a local restaurant that could prepare a whole30 compliant meal. The restaurant is Cafe Red Point in Colorado Springs and their Mediterranean salad may just be my new favorite food. From their menu:


Mediterranean Salad - Organic baby spinach, organic grape tomatoes, organic cucumbers, Kalamata olives, Napa Valley organic olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, Maldon finishing salt, add humanely raised diced chicken breast, Callicrate Beef grilled skirt steak, eggs*, organic quinoa


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