Setting personal guidelines for my food freedom


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I haven't posted in a while, I guess it's time for an update.

At a certain point I started feeling worse. More tired, more foggy.
At first I did not pay much attention to it (in fact I even posted here in February, and this started probably mid-January) because I thought it would not last.
I had lost some weight during my W30, I was active, I was eating quite well... there might be another explanation, maybe stress, maybe my menstruation, whatever.

But it kept going on and on.
I started thinking that W30 had actually uncovered something.
I did not feel that bad before my W30, but maybe after quiting something (something not so good but that my body had grown used to) and then going back to eating it, my body flat rejected it with an intensity it had never done before.

I considered doing another W30 round. Maybe I could find the culprit and fix it.
But after some consideration I decided I had to pay a visit to my doctor, see if there was something wrong. Probably my iron levels were simply low. Better check that out, just in case.

So I asked a blood test. And my iron levels were perfectly fine. But other things were not.
I had low vitD and levels folic acid levels. And my TSH was over the roof high!

I was diagnosed hypothyroidism.
Which just explains so much. Why I won so much weight in just two years, why I could not get rid of it, why I was always feeling tired, etc.
My doctor prescribed me some supplements for my deficiencies, and suggested a complete thyroid test four months later.

I asked him about dietary changes, but he said my eating habits were just fine.
In this I did not follow his advice, I looked up usual eating recommendations for hypothyroidism and I went ahead and followed them anyway.

Those recommendations included two which meet W30 criteria: quitting sugar and quitting soy.
I've always used soy in moderation, but because it's not so important to my cuisine it's also quite easy to quit it completely. Check.
Sugar is harder but I know I can because I've lived without it in the past. And I'm taking this very seriously, so something must be important to "be worth it". I did eat a bit of homemade cheesecake in my own birthday, for example.
(That birthday I celebrated alone with my husband and son, because it was in the first days of our confinement, so they ate pie for four days :D )

Well, I'm happy I have a diagnosis, I still have a way to go but it's good to figure things out.
Food is not a problem here, I do my grocery shopping every 10 days or so, so I can "comply" to my own rules without much problem.

I've been intermitent fasting for a week.
Although I've always been a breakfast person (which used to be high in protein, but I've learned to love adding veggies!) right now I think I don't enough to need as much energy as I normally do, and it seemed an easy way to cut down on the food I eat.
Still testing though, I may change my mind at any time!

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@Amura wow! That I am sure is a lot news to take in.  I’m glad you have answers to the fatigue and other things that you had going on.  Also good for you to take initiative on identifying troublesome foods.  I’m glad your whole 30 journey has given you the tools and the confidence of being able to tackle your new normal for food.  I do hope the meds and diet changes can help you find a new normal.

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