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Starting 07/10/19 wish me luck!


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Hi everyone,

This will be my second attempt at the Whole30, I tried a few years ago and made it to around day 14 from memory. I NEED to do this! I am so sick of feeling sick and tired and unmotivated. I suffer from anxiety which I know for a fact sugar makes so much worse yet I can't get rid of the sugar cravings. I really want to see if changing my diet will change my mood... weight loss would be an added bonus however this is not my main concern at the moment. I always try diets to lose weight, obsessively weighing myself and checking the scales plus measuring my waist every day. I want to commit to this program fully and not touch the scales for the full 30 days (this will be challenging for me). I am going to try and keep a video diary so I can reflect on my 30 days and also the re-introduction phase to see is any of the eliminated foods once reintroduced affect my anxiety.

I wish all of you success in your journey and hope I can get some added support from this group.

Thanks for reading!!

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