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Trial and error frustrations and gains

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I started my whole30 8 days ago and so far it’s been a roller coaster of gains and struggles. So much keeps coming up with my relationship with food.  The first time I did this 2 years ago it didn’t last longer than a week but I felt great for those days so I’m trying it again thinking that it would help change the way I think mentally. But was I wrong, I’m still me but with a lot more clarity. It’s rough sometimes then I read around to find some encouragement when I can’t create it myself. Or reality. Like this the elimination part of a new lifestyle and in entitles so much more than food but it’s a start. When all the effort I put into prepping and researching doesn’t pay off immediately I get frustrated and I let it drag me down. Then today I took a step back to check in with myself to figure out what I needed today not just with my food but within myself. Then I realized that’s trial and error is frustrating but it’s also quite fun and it doesn’t need to drag me down. It’s just food and it’s a baby step in taking in hopefully a lot more baby steps. I just wanted to express this because I value shared information and saying that I feel frustration and anger towards myself makes me feel shame but today I’m going to roll with it and I dont think it’s a bad thing anymore. Just a rough time finding different foods that fill me up and variety. Deff working on it from a new perspective tho!!

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