Tevenie's Whole30 Diary

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Hello, my name is Tevenie and I AM GOING TO DO A FULL Whole 30!

I have Multiple Sclerosis and am very overweight which is one of the worst things you can be with MS, apart from smoking.  I have tried every diet / food fad / ridiculous thing under the sun - none of which work because I try to be overly restrictive and then I get totally overwhelmed and binge on rubbish.

Today is Day 1.  

Breakfast: Tinned sardines in tomato sauce, black coffee

Lunch: Chicken stuffed with Aubergine Pesto, wrapped in bacon with roasted onion, brussels sprouts, tomato, courgette, and yellow pepper.

Dinner: Butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms, walnuts, and onions with fresh sage.

I am determined to do this!



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Morning!  Had a headache last night so went to bed early.  Otherwise, I feel fine.  

Breakfast: Sardines in Tomato sauce, black coffee, pear

Lunch: Chicken, brussels sprouts, tomato, sweet potato.

Dinner: Chicken stuffed with Aubergine pesto & roast vegetables.

I am doing Tai Chi night classes this autumn - first lesson tonight and I am looking forward to it!




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Day Three and the headache is gone, thank goodness!  I really wanted to skip my Tai Chi class last night, and I was making all sorts of bargains with myself on the way home, but then I thought in the spirit of Whole 30, I'd just do it and I am glad I did.  It was fun and I am looking forward to the next one.

Breakfast: Tinned mackerel (I love my fish!)

Lunch: Chicken stuffed with aubergine pesto and wrapped in bacon, assorted vegetables and half an avocado.

Dinner: Ribeye Steak with a baked potato and homemade coleslaw - I am excited about this one!

Happy Weekend to anyone reading this! x




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Your chicken sounds delicious!  In my opinion, the third day is one of the hardest - that's when I really miss sugar and dairy and don't have quite enough days under my belt to really know how much better I'm about to feel if I stick with it.  I'm glad your headache is gone and you felt like doing Tai Chi - you're already seeing some benefits!  One thing that I started doing a few weeks into my current Whole 30 was to track my pain and energy levels (0-10 scale).  I'm not sure if those are issues for you, but It's helped me see how far I've come in not too long a time (I wished I had started it from Day1).   You have such a wonderful, positive spirit radiating through your journal - I'm excited to follow your journey! 

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Hi MadyVanilla, thanks so much for your reply!    That is a great idea about tracking pain and energy levels - I will definitely do that.  

I forgot to post yesterday, but I am still here, still compliant and excited about it.  I have learnt that I eat out of boredom, I eat when I am thirsty, I eat to reward myself because it is Friday, Saturday or, my favourite, on Sunday I eat because it is Monday tomorrow!  lol how daft!  I eat because I spend two hours a day in the car and out of boredom, not hunger, I shovel snacks into my mouth - rice crackers, nuts, CHOCOLATE in any shape or form.  Occasionally I eat fruit in a bid to be more healthy but it doesn't last long in the face of the sugar dragon.  

Luckily I love water so instead of snacking I am drinking water, but I am now so much more aware of what I am doing that I think I can curb it in the future. 

Anyway, yesterday I had 

Breakfast: Baked Eggs & Tomatoes with Mushrooms and half an avocado

Lunch: No lunch because I was cleaning drains and I couldn't bear to eat after that job...:(

Dinner: steak, steamed courgettes and a small potato with homemade mayo


Today, I have had

Breakfast: Egg. bacon, tomato, mushrooms and some leftover potato from last night - a good Sunday breakfast!E

No lunch as breakfast was very late

Dinner: Baked salmon, baked potato, homemade coleslaw.

Rock on Whole 30!

Energy and Pain levels: small amount of pain in my right leg but the pain in my left arm has definitely improved since the arm swinging exercises in Tai Chi on Thursday.  I must remember this when it comes to Thursday afternoon and I am trying to bunk-off again!

Picture of my delicious breakfast for fun!



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