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Weighing and restarting

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There seems to be a big disagreement in one of my Whole30 support groups in regards to weighing. I know it’s against the rules to weigh and that for very good reason you are discouraged against doing it. However is this considered grounds for a restart if you step on the scale?  I interpreted restart in if you ate something non-compliant and D rail the process that your body was going through.  

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Obviously, if you eat something non-compliant, you see why you need to start over. It may be slightly less clear why someone would say to start over for something like weighing yourself. After all, what's it really going to hurt to know the number on the scale? That can't really make a difference, can it? 

Ultimately starting over or not is always up to you, but you made a commitment to yourself, and maybe to other people, that you would follow these rules for 30 days. How seriously do you take those commitments?  Will you feel any less pride in your accomplishment if you get to day 30, but know you broke a rule?  

This article talks about this, mostly from the perspective of eating something non-compliant, but many of the points are relevant for the question of weighing yourself as well:  https://whole30.com/start-over/

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