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Gin's Whole30: The Sequel


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Today, January 7th is the start of Whole30 number 2 for me. And boy am I glad!

My first Whole30 was amazing and I can't believe how much I learned and changed.

I did really great and maintained pretty well through Thanksgiving, did a little offroading but still okay. Til the week before Christmas, and then it was pretty much a return to the SAD (standard American diet). And through yesterday, that's where I've been hanging out. Eating just about anything and just not feeling so awesome. Of course, it didn't help that my spouse and I passed the flu bug the last 2 weeks.

For me, this Whole30 is about returning to the awesomeness I felt last time. And learning a few more tricks along the way. I am actually really pleased with how I handled the holidays. While I went way offroad, that's compared to where I've been since doing the Whole30. My 2012 holiday season was lightyears ahead of where I was the years before. No beating myself or anyone else up (except maybe on day 5?)

One issue I may have to deal with during my Whole30 is a possible Crohn's flare, but hopefully turns out to be nothing. If that's the case, my veggies will be cooked to the point of mush and I'll be sticking to more chicken and eggs and less red meat or pork. Hopefully it won't get to the point of liquids only! But I'm optimistic all will be well:)

My primary focus is great nutrition, better sleep. I'll be working this Whole30 towards finding a regular exercise/activity schedule. And taking a cue from a fellow Whole30'er from my first round, I'll remind myself of the things I'm grateful for on a daily basis.

Sleep: not enough last night! Only about 6 hours of poor sleep. I never sleep well when returning to work after a vacation and I had all last week off. I was staying up much later during the holidays and vacation also. So this Whole30 will be working on a better sleep schedule too.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and compliant pork sausage, black coffee

Gratitude: I'm grateful for my awesome doctors and nurses that work so well by phone with me:)

I'm grateful for my great co-workers who helped out with work during my vacation last week

Lunch: grass fed ground beef, little but of lettuce, yellow pepper, 1/2 an avocado, salsa

Dinner: scrambled eggs, tea

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Had some acorn squash with coconut butter last night also. Was still hungry after my scrambled eggs.

Warning: anyone reading my posts this week, I may look light on the veggies and meat.

I'm going to get an xray today, I have Crohn's Disease and I'm worried I have a bowel obstruction. I've had these before, but it's been a long time, like at least 4 years. I'd forgotten how much they hurt and how awful you feel.

So, I'm sticking to my Whole30 for now. But eggs and pureed soups may feature heavily. And I might sound like I'm whining.

Sleep: went to bed at 10:30 last night and conked out! Did well until woke up to waves of pain, went back to sleep, then got me again. Got out of bed at about 7.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with a sprinkling of sausage. Some black coffee so far.

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Thanks everyone! I don't feel physically much better today, but psychologically I think the pity party may be over ;)

Yesterday's Lunch: Little less than a cup of roasted butternut squash with coconut butter

Yesteday's Dinner: Mashed sweet potatoes, grass fed ground beef with sauteed onions. Hot cup of cardamom tea in the evening.

Earlier to bed last night and slept pretty well. Woke only once with bad pains/nausea. Another fun thing when my Crohn's flares: night sweats. Woke up at 6:30 but decided to sleep until 8. Which I think is the reason I'm in a better mood.

Breakfast today: 3 eggs scrambled and microwaved. About 1/3 cup of frozen blueberries with coconut butter. Black Coffee.

Blueberries are like sunshine bombs in your mouth.

Gratitude for the day so far:

That I work in an office environment where I can dress down when I want/need. My attire is as close to sweats or pajamas as it can get: leggings with a tunic sweater.

Sunshine and blue skies this morning with a brief warm up to 45 degrees and a breeze that makes you think of bluebirds and spring.

That my guy and I, who've been together for 18 years or so and married for almost 9 years (I think?), still sleep all wrapped up like pretzels after all these years. It makes me happy.

Lunch: about 1/4 cup ground beef, less than 1/2 cup roasted squash. Only able eat a little bit at a time right now. About 2 hours later, had blueberries with a little bit of sunbutter

Dinner: More scrambled eggs (3) with some delicious compliant bacon. Nice cup of hot tea before bed.

Super excited to try Nom Nom Paleos Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy tomorrow. I made the onion/garlic/tomato paste part last night. We have a "happy chicken" waiting to go in the slow cooker at lunch time. I think I'll roast some cauliflower for me and make kale for the family to go with it.

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Good morning. Feeling picked on by nature/my body right now. But that just makes me more determined to stick with my Whole30.

Anyone ever had a recurrent mucocele on the underside of their tongue. It's awful. My mouth hurts every few days. It's been going on since early December, right about when I thought I picked up a virus. And it's just getting worse. And it takes forever to get into an ENT as a new patient. I have so many doctor appointments coming up. My GI specialist thinks I need a rheumatologist.

I'm still worried about a blockage and Crohns flare. A soft diet and daily Miralax haven't improved the situation so far.

On the plus side: well, I love my outfit today. And the sun is shining, it's supposed to hit 50 degrees today but then get cold again over the weekend, which I like. It's Thursday, which is close to Friday.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs again. Black coffee.

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The group of people here on the forum, that I've gotten to know, are amazing! Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Lunch: sweet potato mashed with coconut butter, some cooked apples with cinnamon and nutmeg.

After work snack: chicken broth with some veggies, really soft veggies. My sister made her first from the chicken carcass soup and it was great!

Dinner: Ehr Meh Gherd! Nom Nom Paleos slow cooker chicken and gravy. With Melissa Joulwan's mashed cauliflower. Roasted acorn squash. Best meal in a long time. Thought my guy was going to eat the whole chicken!

Gratitude: Husband helped clean up the kitchen and now it's snuggle on the couch time

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Goodmorning Day 6

Yesterday was a busy day. Work, repeated some blood work, saw Les Miserables (didn't cry as much as I thought I would, very well done movie and I'm not really into musicals)

Breakfast today: Sweet potato mashed up with coconut milk and blueberries, all heated up warm. It's pretty delish. Yes, missing protein this morning but still working on the partial bowel obstruction and honestly, I've eaten like 2 dozen eggs this week so far.

Heading out to a family get together this afternoon. We're doing a fajita bar, should be delish. My oldest sister and her daughter are doing a Whole30 also, so we'll have plenty of compliant options. I'm taking taco-seasoned ground beef and some pork carnita meat and guacamole.

Gratitude: I'm grateful to have the option to work overtime on a Saturday (which I rarely do, but with all the doctor visits and workups, need to catch up at work some)

I'm grateful that my huge family is full of relaxed sibs that don't mind having our "Christmas" party in mid-January. It's the holidays when we get together and say it's the holidays!

I'm grateful that my husband can actually come to this party and doesn't have to work out of town/state at the moment

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Had a great time at the party. Stayed strong despite my Dad's awesome cheesecake and my brothers nacho dip:)

Enjoyed some grass fed taco beef, shredded pork, lettuce, salsa, black olives. Didn't eat much of the lettuce. La Croix soda water.

Sunday Breakfast: scrambled eggs in ghee, last of the bacon, sweet potato with coconut milk, black coffee

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Today was Day 7. All day long I had the desire to eat off plan. But I didn't. Think that taking my measurements today kept me on track. That combined with my big trip on my husbands birthday. We're going to Vegas, first time. So that's good motivation, party dresses:)

Lunch: last of the shredded pork with lettuce, guac and salsa

Late dinner after a movie: Chicken soup, leftover sweet potato coconut milk mash from breakfast.

Week 1 DONE

My energy and mood are way better after just 1 week

I'm grateful for: my clean bedroom and fresh sheets on the bed, my perfect for me husband, and the fresh snow on the ground.

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Day 8

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, the last piece of compliant bacon (I'd order more, but I think I should go without for a bit), blueberries with coconut butter, black coffee

Lunch: Grass fed ground beef with taco seasoning, salsa, guacamole, a little bit of lettuce

Mid-afternoon snack: 1/2 apple (my first raw fruit/veg in a while, hope it goes well in small amount) with some nut butter. I'm not sure what kind, just grabbed the container and slapped some in with the apple to take back to work

Dinner: Running errands with husband tonight. We're going out to eat to our favorite local Mexican place. There I will enjoy compliant tasty fajitas, probably chicken. I will eat the guacamole and salsa and have water with lemon to drink. I will feel virtuous and strong of will while my spouse eats the corn chips, rice and beans. I will enjoy being waited on and all the good smells they have to offer.

We're running errands because I inevitably feel the need to tweak my surroundings in January. So I need a rod for sheers to add to my bedroom curtains. I already have black out shades and thick curtains up, but found these and thought "pretty", so up they will go. I have a very old house with the closet style to match. There's no light in there. I can't afford to re-wire the whole house, so I've asked my guy to install a corner shelf to which I will add a lamp, that will be powered by a barely noticeable extension cord running along the baseboard from the nearest plug into the closet. I will then, hopefully, be able to dress in the morning and consistently put my underwear on right-side-out. This is a problem for me. I can pick out matching clothes in the dark, but can't get the underwear on right. Weird.

And I'm on the lookout for a new dining room paint color. Because I got husband to hang a new light fixture. Which is actually dimmer than the older light, but now the room needs new paint I've decided.

Fun. Oh, did I mention the energy is starting to ratchet up? :)

Dinner was in fact fajitas, served in a grilled pineapple with guacamole. It was delicious! I did have a bowl of blackberries last night with some coconut butter. That was a snack that I didn't need but wanted. So I'll be watching out for that coming up. I'm pretty sure the trigger was the chocolate mousse cups my husband was eating.

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Goodmorning Day 9 :D

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with some kale. Not a ton of kale, but I'll be slowly advancing my diet a bit to see what happens. Black coffee.

Lunch: Leftover from the pineapple fajitas including guacamole. Not as much left as I'd thought, so brought 1/2 sweet potato back to work with a tablespoon of ghee.

Cleaning up my office today, found a great question I'd written on a post-it note:

"What do you seek....

...that truly allows you to experience fulfillment?

....that brings you peace?"

And this strikes me as an excellent question to ponder.......

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Dinner yesterday was kind of thrown together because I forgot to put a chuck roast into the slow cooker on my lunch. :(

There was broccoli in the fridge about to pass over to the bad side. So we trimmed that and steamed it. Cooked pork sausage (compliant) in a skillet, then sauteed onions in the fat, added some of the steamed broccoli then topped it all with 9 eggs. If I hadn't been so hungry I would have put it in the oven for more of a frittata style, but it was scrambled instead. With that, had a collard green soup my sister made earlier in the week. It looked like spinach baby food but tasted great. Hot tea before bed again.

Today is Day 10. I'm really excited because a friend and her boyfriend are doing their first Whole30 and are also on Day10. It's a really big deal because they're also 10 days without smoking. She said they both feel so amazing, they're already talking about how to make many of the changes permanent.

Breakfast today: Scrambled eggs with a lot of green onions, sprinkle of breakfast sausage. Black coffee. And a Clementine.

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Yesterday's Lunch: Was spent making yesterday's dinner, so lunch was thrown together. Can of tuna fish with leaf lettuce and some cranberries. A little dry, I hope my sister makes me some mayo soon.

Dinner: Really tasty slow cooker Chuck Roast with carrots. Served over kale sauteed in garlic and ghee. With a side of spiced cooked pears over pumpkin. Super full. Very satisfied.

Day 11 Today

Breakfast: (overslept, so had to grab from work cafe) 3 eggs cooked hard, black coffee

Lunch: Leftover chuck roast and carrots with the pears

Sleeps been okay but I keep waking up in the night. I think I need to drink more water mid-day and less in the evening. On the plus side, the night sweats have subsided and so has the horrible abdominal pain during the night.

Making progress:)

Gratitude: I'm grateful for the people I work with and the laughs we have in what can be an otherwise depressing job (I evaulate disability claims for the government, read medical records all day long and talk to people who, very often, desperately need help but can't get it)

I'm grateful for the sunshine today

I'm grateful for an evening home alone with my guy tonight

Dinner: Beef Stew made from the chuck roast leftovers, with random veg from the fridge added to beef it up:))

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