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Has anyone been on whole 30 for awhile and how are they holding up?


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I'm only on day 2 and it's so hard! I'm wondering if anyone has been no whole 30 for 30 days or longer and has made it a lifestyle change. Also, what insights have they gained and what were the positives and negatives of their time.

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I think many of the active forum members have already finished a whole30 (or more than one!) and learned quite a few things about it.
I finished mine quite recently, I keep working on finding the best approach for my food freedom :)

I would suggest you to go to the logs forum, and read some threads there.
Many users have reflected there their thoughts and shared their experiences, so it's full of insights you might find interesting. I know I did when I was just beginning!

For example, I learned about what I am actually capable (I never thought I could limit my sugar intake for long periods of time, now it feels like the natural thing to do) and some things I should fix in my meals (mostly related to veggies).
I did not feel many inconveniences during my Whole30 so it was a very positive experience for me.

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