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Planning to start a whole30 on Monday!



Haven’t done one in 2 years.

I try to eat healthy and limit carbs (not “low carb” just lower then SAD), but I “fall off the wagon” very often.

I have been very obese since early, early childhood.  I have never been a “normal weight” my whole life.

Sugar addiction is a HUGE issue for me.  I tend to kick sugar and get readdicted after.... maybe 2 exposures? I have never been able to completely do without sweetness of any kind, I always have had at least fruit.


My normal (non whole30!) diet (today) is:


Breakfast:  eggs, sausage, tomatoes 

Snack: apple with peanut butter, coffee with milk

Lunch: strawberry steak salad (strawberries, steak, greens, pine nuts, cheese)

Dinner: pork, apples fried in cinnamon and butter, sweet potato (also with butter)


My main problem isn’t my “normal diet” (while not ideal I don’t think it is terrible) my main problem is I am highly suggestible.  I go to church with a healthy breakfast under my belt and no intention of eating sweets... but someone brought brownies... and I love brownies... I decide not to eat any... after ten minutes of watching everyone around me eat brownies, smelling them, etc I give in!


Or I go to a BBQ, Pot luck, or my Mom’s house and eat whatever is served (or maybe I don’t eat the bread but I give in to the chips and cookies cuz those I really like), or maybe I am out longer then I had expected and end up getting fast food cuz I haven’t eaten in 5 hours and am starving!

It is those situations I am influenced by food in my environment even when I left the house with good intentions, or I decide I won’t eat it but I smell it and everyone else is eating it and I break after a while of resisting...


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Maybe explore some of the information about life post-whole30 that's available online:, or find a copy of Food Freedom Forever. These articles in particular might be useful: (and the two that follow it, there should be links),


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Thanks, after whole 30 I will keep that “one bite” rule in mind...

I... might be someone who really can’t handle sugar and that is just emotionally hard for me to accept... 

last time I went 30 days without sugar (not a whole 30, it was a different sugar detox program... 31 day sugar detox or something?)

anyway when I had (an American type serving) of sweet rich food (like cake or ice cream) I felt physically sick...

and then I made a mental note of that, “don’t eat the thing, it doesn’t agree with you”

and yet I went and ate the thing again... and got readdicted again!  Grrrr!

this is a cycle for me I need to learn to break... :(



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When I go to a place that has lots of foods like this I just try to get away from that section of the room. So that I can't see or smell it. Obviously at home it's easier because if you don't have it you can't eat it. But going out requires that planning ahead sometimes. It's like a little red siren goes off... STAY AWAY LOL 

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