Help! Need to travel for family emergency.

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I have to travel tomorrow because my Dad had a bad fall and is hospitalized. It will be day 7 for me. I have a plan for the travel day and taking some epic bars, nuts and dried fruit. Can’t live off of “emergency food” though. Staying with my Mom who is on the Weight Watchers lifestyle. Feeling so good. Don’t want to lose what I have already gained. Anyone made it through a similar hurdle? 

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Sorry to hear about your dad, @Mrs. B - it is possible that you may need to do the best you can during this tough time and then prioritize Whole30 when you return home to your routine. We know that things happen during everyone's Whole30 but in certain instances we have to take a look and see if we are served by staying on it or maybe served better by staying close but prioritizing this emergency time.

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I am in the same boat. Started my While30 on May 25 and finding it very do-able here at home. I already ate relatively clean, but this has taken it to a new level for sure and I'm feeling really good. BUT I have to travel for almost 20 days to be with my dad who had a stroke and my mom needs help. I think I can do breakfast and lunches with no issues, but when it comes to dinner, I can't see telling my mom - no, I can't eat that wonderful dinner you just made (my mom is an incredible cook), I'm on this diet.... SO, thinking I will still maintain no alcohol/dairy/gluten, but then just do my best at a paleo-ish dinners and then start from day one when I get back home. 

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