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Beans and break-outs


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Hi there everyone!

I finished my Whole30 last week and chose to reintroduce legumes on day 31. I ate black beans with lunch and then hummus and carrots for a snack. 

I felt fine the next two days after that. I didn’t want to reintroduce peanut butter on the legumes day because in the past i would always get a stomach ache after having it. But on the day I was supposed to reintroduce gluten-free grains i decided to give peanutbutter a try after all (which I’m not even entirely sure if that was ok... but I gave it two days)

It did give me a slight stomach ache which was gone as fast as it came - but I did notice. 

Anywho long story short i think it was on the day I had peanutbutter (or maybe the day after I reintroduced legumes the first time) I noticed that the skin around my mouth/on my chin started to break out a little. Yesterday and today I’ve noticed that there are some zits on my forehead also. Nothing crazy, I don’t deal with acne thank God, but I didn’t get breakouts on the whole30. My skin actually was pretty great after around day 13 of whole30... (I think the breakouts then we’re caused by dairy though.)

Would you suggest I should go back on the Whole30 until the breakouts have stopped and then try legumes again? 

Or should i wait until the breakouts are gone and reintroduce something else?

I appreciate your guys‘ help!! So glad to have done the whole30 and to now be able to come here and get help from this awesome community!


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Hi @theresaw1709 - where are you in your menstrual cycle? Normally breakouts around the mouth and chin are hormonal so if you are also near your period it could be a coincidence. Beyond that if you really want to be sure, then yes, go back on full Whole30 until it all resolves and then try it again and see what happens.

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