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Triple M's second W30!


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back again for another W30! My husband and I did our first W30 in September '12. We were both feeling great, but less healthy foods slowly crept back into our lives, then the holidays, and then before I knew it I was eating cereal for breakfast and cookies for snack. YIKES! We both decided we needed a reset, so here we are again.

Yesterday we made a pretty solid meal plan for the week, did a big shopping trip, and I plan to go shopping again on Tuesday or Wednesday to restock the fresh goods. My husband made 2 fritattas for breakfast for the week for us so we are off to a good start so far.

Here's our plan for supper for the week -

Monday: Grilled Chicken with Roasted Cabbage and salad

Tuesday: Sirloin with tomatoes, shallot, asparagus

Wednesday: Slow cooker pork chops with sauerkraut, apples and onions

Thursday: Thai Beef with Basil

Friday: Out to eat with friends

Saturday: Slow cooker chicken curry with greens

Sunday: Well-Fed's chocolate chili

This time I'd like to be better about planning meals and logging what I eat. I know half-way through last time I hit a rut and couldn't figure out what we'd be eating for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I only logged a few days...now I know how helpful logging can be.

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1 day down!

Breakfast: ground beef and spinach fritatta with avocado and hot sauce; coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: leftover beef fajitas/onion/peppers on top of spinach, topped with guacamole and salsa

Supper: grilled chicken and roasted cabbage

Today was a good day. I'm already dreading the "detox" that I know is coming...headaches and crankiness. I know the end result is worth it though!

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Made it to Day 4! We had to rearrange our meals a bit because of a late doctors appointment for our little girl. Thankfully though we had done enough shopping and planning that it was an easy switch. That made a world of difference, if we hadn't planned so well I probably would have just eaten cereal and called it a night!

Day 2 I woke up with a massive headache, I guess I somehow missed the mac truck plowing through me during the night. UGH. I knew it was coming! ate a little and took some meds and felt better. Also chugged water like it was my job which helped.

Here are the eats:

half a larabar before breakfast so i could take meds

B: frittatta (ground beef and spinach, avocado and hot sauce on top); coffee with coconut milk

L: rest of larabar and a little chicken - I was too sick to my stomach to eat and very exhausted (took a nap)

D: Sirloin roasted with tomatoes and asparagus - this is one of our favorites even when not on W30. So yummy

Day 3 I felt much better when I woke up which was a relief.

B: frittatta (ground beef and spinach, avocado and hot sauce on top); coffee with coconut milk

L: salad with chicken, apple, tomato, olive oil dressing

D: Thai Beef with Basil from ISWF book - always a good choice...filling and tasty and great leftovers. Served it on top of spinach for more veg

I haven't really been snacking so far, but not so much because that was a goal of mine, but just because I haven't wanted to. I mean I want to snack, but it's on things that aren't complaint or even healthy, so I just don't. I also have no nuts or nut butter in the house so far. I haven't really needed them so I have delayed getting them.

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Week 1 went well! Not a fan of the curry or the sauerkraut pork chops, but one of our goals during this W30 was to branch out so I still call it a success! My breakfasts were pretty much the same during the week (fritatta) and then we had sweet potato hashbrowns and eggs on the weekend. Lunches were left overs and/or salad.

Week 2 Supper:

Monday: buffalo chicken meatloaf, mashed cauliflower (Well Fed)

Tuesday: slow cooker pork and asparagus

Wednesday: spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash

Thursday: zucchini noodles (from Well Fed) and grilled chicken

Friday: steak, baked sweet potato and green beans

Saturday: roasted pork tenderloin and cumin roasted carrots (Well Fed)

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