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So that is not totally true. 


I began my journey at the beginning of September. I did it consistently for two weeks and went through the headaches and bloating, then I went to a Music and Food festival where Top Chefs and Food network stars were cooking, so I went off it for 4 days, then came home and went right back on it for a week and a half, then went to New York Comic Con, and ate whatever I could get my hands on without waiting an hour in line. (I did try to keep to it as best as I could especially with snacks from Epic and Larabar). 


I had planned on starting it on 10/7/19, but got sick at the convention. I was home and cooking all my own food, and was in compliance except for the Nyquil, cough drops and Chloraspetic spray to help me get through work... So that is why Technically 10/13/19 was my first full day on the diet, that I will do consistently for at least 30 days, with help from my nutritionist. 


I find meal prepping on Sunday and Wednesday are helping me a lot with this. I am eating the rainbow and picking meats that are pasture raised and grass fed, using organic avocado oil and Olive oil in all my cooking. Lots of Fresh fruits to help me snack, and those first several weeks of part time compliance, I was using dried mango to help with my sugar cravings, which are down now and I get by with eating some grapes or fresh cut pineapple. 

That was where I was most worried. I will eat anything that is put in front of me, but sugar is my one vice. Pasta was another, but I have substituted it with zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles and butternut squash noodles. 

I will admit that cauliflower rice is not the same as sushi rice with soy sauce. I am having trouble with finding different ways to add flavor to my meals, especially with no gluten or peanuts ( I eat a lot of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese when ordering out).... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... right now its kimchi to add fermented foods to my diet as well. 


Luckily I have a Zoe's Kitchen fairly close for when I don't feel like cooking and getting the Salmon Kabobs, with roasted veggies and the salad... and the Kalamata olives are replacing my salt snacks...


Good luck to anyone else on this journey. 

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On 10/17/2019 at 9:49 AM, Neophiyte said:

I am dreaming of food now...

I dreamt I drove 2 hours to get pirogi and sat down to realize that I can't have it...

Oh, haha, food dreams are SO real! Frustrating that you couldn't even have it in your dream-world! 

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