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Hi! I am on day 21 of my Whole30. I  tried eating out a couple of times this week so that I am comfortable ordering on my business trip next week. Today at lunch I ordered a salmon salad (carrots, green onion, lettuce, almonds) with oil and vinegar. I asked the waitress to confirm everything was gluten free and what kinds of oils were used. I am now back at work and within an hour started feeling HORRIBLE. I am sluggish, my stomach hurts, and am experiencing back and knee pain. All of these point to me that there was gluten in my food. I was SO CLOSE to the finish line and won't be able to restart until after Thanksgiving because I am traveling almost every weekend in November and have my bachelorette party. 

I am going to finish out this 30 days because I am so close, but do I have to repeat for the full effect? This signals to me that I am sensitive to gluten. Can I still get a good read on the other categories during integration even if my system isn't fully clean of gluten?

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Oh dang! We hear of this often enough that you should know you aren't alone. The oil could have been cut with soybean oil which would also cause very similar problems and either the waitress didn't know or didn't care to actually check. Also possibly added sulphites in the vinegar could cause these sort of symptoms. And of course gluten. 

Because we can't know exactly what it was, we would recommend that you go back to Whole30 eating as long as you can before doing reintroductions. An ideal situation would be a restart but if that's not possible for you, try to go back to it at least until you're feeling as good as you were before this happened.

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@LMF11, I think everything @ladyshanny says is correct, but I also want to add a thumbs up for your planning ahead. I think you should be proud of yourself for practicing these skills before your work trip. Since this was nothing you did wrong, I would keep it going until you are feeling great again for doing reintro. This probably won't take another 30 days.

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