Dont think I'm getting enough fats...


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Before Whole30 I didn't know that fat was so important for the brain, and would have bouts of brain fog but usually contributed it to having one too many glasses of wine the night before, but now I'm thinking it could be the lack of fat (wine probably didn't help) that I was taking in for fear of gaining weight.

Now, I'm only on day 3, but the brain fog is crazy. I don't know if that's normal because it's so early on and I'm going through The Hangover or if it's because I'm not getting enough fat.

For fats the last few days I've had some pistachios as a pre work out snack (only thing I had on hand), and then pretty much just avocado but not with every meal.

I bought compliant mayo, but I don't see myself using that for every meal. I also bought some ghee today that I plan to use on veggies, sweet potato mash, etc.

Is avo w/ breakfast and then ghee on top of something for lunch and dinner enough fats? I have seen the template, but still just a little confused (brain fog!).

Thanks in advance!

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That may be enough. If you look at the template, it mentions a range of serving sizes, because different people have different needs. The best way to know if you've gotten your servings about right is really how you feel, both right after your meal and a few hours later. Right after a meal you should feel satisfied, but not overly stuffed, and then you should go 4-5 hours between meals pretty easily. If that's happening, you've probably got everything right. If you are hungry two hours after you ate, you may need a little more fat, or possibly a bigger meal in general. If you're regularly going six or seven hours between meals during the day without feeling hungry, you may need to cut back a little bit.

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Thank you for the response! I prepped all my meals for tomorrow and followed the template a bit better than I have the last few days and made sure to have fat for each meal, I’ll see how I feel after eating each one and adjust if necessary. Thanks again. 

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