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Today is my first day of doing modified Whole30 for moderating my cravings. I´ve redthis concept in book Food Freedom Forever. I am not eating nuts, seeds and dried fruit, instead of it I´m not restricting legumes.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, hummus, veggies + 1 kaki fruit

Lunch: beef mince with cauliflower rice, broccoli and mushrooms, all cooked in ghee + 1 apple

Dinner: tuna salad with mayo and avocado

Instantly after breakfast, I felt a lot better than before (I´d been at trip with my friends, which meant a lot of proccessed food like breads, dairy, proccessed meat, alcohol, etc.) and didn´t felt hunger for a 7 more hours (I don´t actually know if it´s a good thing or not) which is really unknown for me. I don´t have any cravings for unhealthy food and feel totally satisfied with my meals.

For months I´m suffering with headaches in the morning and evening and some stomach pains and bloating. Maybe at the end of restart, I´ll know what foods cause me this problems.

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