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What happened to my energy!? :( Day 17


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Hi all! I don't usually post to forums, but I'm at a loss and really need some ideas!  I feel like maybe I'm just experiencing the "general" timeline backwards? I'm currently on day 17, following all the rules and such. My first 12 or so days were amazing! I had SOO much energy. I think I had tiger blood then lol but idk. I was cleaning and cooking and literally doing all the things! I was waking up rested and ready to tackle life (this wasn't normal pre-Whole30 and was actually one of the reasons I decided to try the Whole30). I didn't want as much, or any, coffee, and I was wanting to get back to my old exercise routine. (I didn't though, just to focus on the Whole30 first). But then suddenly it all ended. Literally, BAM gone. I woke up one morning, around day 13/14, completely zapped of energy. Now I can barely get out of bed. It seems to be getting worse, not better. I'm posting today because I woke up this morning, again barely with enough energy to get up, then took a small nap (maybe 40 minutes, of which I slept half), and yet my energy still isn't even trying to sneak back in. I feel worse today than I have this whole time. Usually, once I move around a bit, it's been good enough I can at least function, but today I don't feel like doing anything but laying on the couch and I'm irritable. Unfortunately, with all the food prepping and cooking (and dishes! lol), and my one year old baby, I cannot just lay on the couch. I don't feel like I've changed much about what I've been doing since the first few days, but I've tried adding extra fat and water the last couple days. That hasn't seemed to help. I guess my question is, will this pass or am I doing something wrong? 


My last few days of food:

I don't generally snack, and don't feel hungry between meals. 

Prior to Monday, I had missed a couple breakfasts :( and I had gotten my flu shot on Friday. 

Monday (~30 oz water)

potato, onion, poblano hash with 2 fried eggs

Mexican picadillo on lettuce with apple and almond butter

spiced coconut chicken with cumin cauliflower rice 

snack: 2 hard boiled eggs


Tuesday (~30 oz water)

Ground turkey w/ apples, cinnamon, nutmeg on roasted acorn squash w/ ghee

leftover mexican picadillo on two small golden potatoes w/ ghee, almond butter with apple

turkey burger stuffed with avocado and bacon & avocado, bacon, strawberry salad with lemon and olive oil dressing 


Wednesday (65 oz water)

sweet potato w/ ghee, leftover ground turkey w/ apples, 1/2 avocado

leftover turkey burger and salad (see above), handful of almonds

apples & butternut squash soup topped with bacon and toasted pecans, pecan stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts


Today (as of this writing)

3 scrambled eggs, 2 chicken sausages, sweet potato w/ ghee


Thank you in advance! Any and all thoughts or ideas will be sooo appreciated!

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Aw, sorry you aren't feeling great! I would say you aren't eating enough overall and your water consumption is great if you weigh 60#. ;) Are you on or nearing your period? You mentioned a small child, are you breastfeeding?

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Thanks! I feel full when I eat though. I never really feel hungry in between meals and when I eat the three meals, I eat until I'm full/comfortable. I could try eating more, but sometimes I'm not sure where I'd put it! lol Period did just end. I do have a small child, but not breastfeeding.

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@JMB2019, how are you feeling? Did you energy rebound at all?

I was curious as to how you've reacted to flu shots in the past--if you've had one? Did you come down with something during this energy loss?

Also, what's your sleep cycle like? Had it changed much/at all during the round/leading up to your loss of energy?

I hope you're feeling better. Super curious about how this has turned out for you!



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Hi! It did a little bit I guess. The feeling of being completely drained and exhausted passed, but the "tiger blood" feeling never came. I didn't feel like I was hit by a Mack truck every morning anymore (that lasted 4-5 days), but I still never ended up feeling like I had any more energy than I did when I started. I was still drowsy/fatigued in the morning (which is why I started the W30). I had a TON of energy the first two weeks though, which is completely backwards. I woke up and literally felt like running for miles! lol 

Last time I got the flu shot I was pregnant and teaching 5th grade. I was pretty busy, but I don't recall anything out of the ordinary. I just had muscle aches and soreness the next day, just like this time, but that was it.

I didn't get sick or anything during this energy loss. My period had just ended though, and I had just finished my first pack of birth control. I just had a miscarriage in September as well (2 months ago), so maybe my hormones were all kinds of confused! 

My sleep cycle didn't seem to change much either. It all really is a mystery. I really think I just experienced the timeline in reverse lol I went through the phase of looking and feeling awesome, having energy all day, and just general "cloud nine" feelings in those first 2 weeks and it never came back. 

I do feel overall better, or at least like I did before I began the W30. I've began to wonder now if I should contact my doctor about always waking groggy/tired. I never really have woken up feeling that "rested and refreshed" feeling. I always feel like I could just go back to sleep! Once I'm moving, I'm usually good though. So maybe I just hate mornings? Idk! lol! 

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