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Fighting off a cold since the beginning

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So I’m today I’m on day 18. I’ve been battling a cold for what seems to be the duration of my Whole30. It mildly came on during day 2, then disappearing then this past Saturday (Day 13) it was on full force. I have been taking Sudafed non drowsy as I can’t afford to not be on point at my job. Dealing the the shitty feeling isn’t an option for my line of work. But today it’s an all new low. I’ve been struggling with energy almost the whole 18 days.

Ive managed to get a few works outs in but quit after 25 minutes each time. My legs were cramping really bad and I had NO energy at all. 

My meals are almost all the same and go something like this: 


black coffee, 2-3 eggs scrambled with 1 tsp coconut oil, 1-1.5 cups roasted vegetables (lately Brussel sprouts), a small fruit (apple or banana) and a tbsp of no sugar, no salt almond butter


skirt steak fajitas (approx 3 oz steak, peppers and onions cooked in avocado oil) with 3/4 of an avocado 


coconut curry chicken (coconut milk, chicken thighs, butternut squash, cauliflower) with cauliflower rice 

occasionally I’ll have a handful of cashews and if I workout I’ll have a small 4oz sweet potato with a little coconut oil and salt after 

I drink on average 90 - 120 ounces of water a day

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You are not eating enough. There's not enough fat in your Meal 1 - add an additional fat source or a little more coconut oil and scrape the fat onto your eggs when you plate them.  If you're having eggs as your protein, you need the number you can hold in your hand (most people can hold at least 4). 

3 oz of meat is a little low - 1-2 palm sized servings is the goal. 

You don't mention how much of each you ate for dinner, again aim to meet the Meal Template suggested amounts.

Also, since you are exercising you probably require an additional pre or post-workout meal. The sweet potato is good but you also want a little protein with it. 

Try adding a little more to your plate and I think you will see a big difference.

You can do this!

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