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Hiatal hernia, mild vent

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I was recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia after multiple episodes of extreme pain in my right upper abdomen.  Such fun.  I had started taking chewable gas-x prior to the whole 30 and that helped keep bloating at bay to prevent the stomach going up thru the diaphram.   Obviously that is not an option now, and i didn't think too much about it. Until last night ( day 7 of whole30) lol.  I had eaten dinner, not a huge meal, but had also finished 2 VERY large glasses of water close together.  I was playing Jenga with my son and started laughing and BAM!  welcome back hernia. 

silly me KNEW that bloating was a reality with the increase in veggies... silly me did NOT think ahead to meds for this. I have a day off today, so I dropped my son at school.. and made a bee-line to the store for Pepcid (not chewable :) )  I feel the slight pressure and residual pain from last nights flare up... so I am taking it easy today. Small meals, small amounts of liquids more frequently, and am hoping it goes back down fast. 

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