What is causing bloating?

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Hi--I'm about 4 days post Whole30 and yesterday introduced maple syrup (just a few drops in my tea twice...about 1/2 a tsp) and whole milk (half a cup in a latte yesterday...tasted gross, and I've been craving it all month!...and then some in my tea last night) and I noticed last night I had the usual bloating from post Whole30 in my upper stomach. I'm guessing milk would be the culprit rather than the maple syrup? I know I should have introduced them separately... you live and learn...

Thanks! Lucy

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Probably the milk, yes. Go back to whole30 eating for at least two days, or until you're feeling good again and the bloat is gone if it takes a little longer than that, then you can add an extra reintro day of either just milk or just maple syrup to confirm. I would be very surprised if that tiny amount of maple syrup caused that kind of bloating, but it's a fairly common reaction to dairy.

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