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Starting 1/13/12

Daisy R

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Hey everyone!!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Daisy, a current grad student and health coach. I'm starting my Whole30 on January 13th. I can't wait!!! I'm currently on a 7 day juice cleanse so I'll be giving myself a few days to transition back to eating. Boy do I miss eggs with avocado! I'm so excited to start and to finally stop my overcarbsumption. For most of last year, I tried having a more plant based diet and I rarely ate animal meat. I tracked my calories, even increasing them because at one point I think it was too low for my body. Increasing my calories didn't seen to help at all with my weight loss. I just stayed about the same despite increasing my exercise. After reading It Starts With Food I realize why my body was stuck. So I'm super ready to let my body heal itself properly because everything else I've tried hasn't worked for me.

Talk to you all soon :)

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