Hello! November 11 start

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I just wanted to say hello! I’ve been testing out a modified Whole30 for a few weeks and reading the forum. Ready to do the full program now. Spent the day prepping for a successful week, and thought I would end the day by browsing here and saying Hello!

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Hello, @Puzzler!!

Sorry, I missed your post somehow!

How are things going? What have you been experiencing so far? Any comments or concerns?

And, may I ask what your motivations are for you doing the Whole30?

Anyway, welcome! Reach out should you need anything:)

be well,


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Hi, @mae tanner!

Thank you for the welcome! Oddly and unexpectedly, the going has been good! I have been feeling very 'normal' overall, even though I was expecting all kinds of emotional befuddlement. :)

I initially looked into Whole30 after a friend talked about how much she & her husband liked it, but I guess the reason I actually started because I wanted to gain some control over my food choices. I have been wanting to lose weight, it's true, but I was having a hard time defining what my own eating rules should be. I liked 1) the idea of having this kind of food discipline for 30 days and seeing how I feel, 2) the ability to give different foods an audition, if you will, to see if they are truly things I want to have in my life, and 3) the flexibility to make these choices and changes on my own schedule.

It's like a big food experiment! That's awesome! How can anyone say no to that?

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