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W30 Hiatus

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Well, my W30 has officially (and very sadly) had to go on hiatus today. I have mentioned in my log but wanted to put it here as well because of the troubleshooting aspect.

I've been itchy since shortly after starting my W30 and yesterday it got serious. I went from having a few itchy patches to having an extremely irritable spot on my chin/neck. This morning my whole face is swollen, the rash is all over and I have horrible little pustules (TMI, sorry). It's so itchy and sore that I can barely believe... Not to mention I look hideous.

Because it's unclear exactly what is up, I have been advised to ditch anything new in my life, including the W30, and to blast it with a course of antibiotics, antihistamines and a cream. I am not convinced that, of the options (of which there are several), the W30 is to blame, however detox rashes (particularly where sugar is involved) are not uncommon and it's possible that this is a contributing factor if nothing else. And, frankly, looking at the state of my face you would understand fully why I am happy to try anything to get this fixed ASAP. Currently I cannot leave the house.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to post this in case anyone had a similar issue in future.

I am still very keen to complete a W30 in the future and once this is sorted and the possible culprits have been gradually reintroduced I hope to do so. In the meantime I will not be eating too much off plan but will be widening my food intake for the short term.

After all the prep and such a good start I'm really gutted but such desperate circumstances leave me little alternative choice, sadly :(

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