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When you first make changes to how you eat, it is not uncommon to lose a lot, really fast, and then have weight loss slow way down. That doesn't mean you won't continue to lose, just that it will be slower. But, if you do things that make you healthier,  your weight will get to where it's meant to be. So if you're pretty happy eating this way, keep eating this way, and look at other factors that go into being healthy. Exercise and sleep are probably the biggest two along with food.

Exercise doesn't have to be going to a gym, it can be anything that has you moving more. You talk about regaining mobility, so if you currently cannot walk or stand, check the internet for things like chair yoga or chair exercise. If you can walk or stand some, do what you can do. Dance around your kitchen as you make food. Whatever gets you to move more than you currently do.

For sleep, work on getting eight hours of sleep each night. 

Food wise, please don't try to game the system by not eating enough, it's not a good solution long term. Your body needs proper food in the right amounts to function its best. Weight loss is not something that happens quickly, you're just going to have to consistently make healthy choices and let it take as long as it takes.

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