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Hi all,

 I'm wondering if someone can clear a few items up for me:

Black beans is a no? 


The reason I ask about the first two is there are recipes in the book that use these ingredients (Quinoa with fresh fruit and black bean burritos)

Also, whole wheat fettuccini? 

Is oat milk okay - unsweetened?

I realized this is a loaded question but i'm on day 3 and want to make sure ingredients like these are okay. 

I'm seeing some conflicting answers out there. 



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No. Beans, quinoa, oats/oat milk are not okay. It sounds like the book you have is not an official Whole30 book. The Whole30 books are all listed here:, but you don't necessarily have to buy the books to do a Whole30, just go to the Whole30 home page and there's a link to the rules and other information:

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