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I thought I'd try something new this time and create a log. I've kept a bare bones paper log once before but never a public one. I made a spur of the moment decision that I wanted another W30 to guide me back onto the path and help create some more good habits. I am specifically going to focus on sleep and movement while letting the program show me once again how much better I feel when I follow the guidelines. It was amazing how quickly my brain switched to W30 rules!

Saturday Nov 23, Day 1:

Sleep last night: 7h 38m + awake 1h 38m = 9h 16m in bed

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes

late M2: burger patty and a big pile of slaw w homemade mayo

M3: burger patty with raw brocc and homemade ranch dressing

Not very imaginative but no snacking, it fit the template and was compliant.

8411 steps and no extra activity except 4 min each hand with the gyro ball

Sunday, Day 2:

Sleep: 7h 13m + 1h 31m awake = 8h 45m in bed

M1: 2 fried eggs with a sm beef steak and fermented radishes

M2: grilled salmon filet, raw brocc and ranch dressing

M3: Serious Eats Pork Chili Verde 

need more veggies but the chili verde sauce is all veg so not too bad- still need more. no snacking.

10,422 steps that included 4 trips up/down the driveway with medicine ball fun in between each lap

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Monday, Day 3

Sleep: 7h 13m + 1h 31m awake = 8h 45m in bed

15 min yoga/mobility

M1: 2 XL scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, fermented radishes, a dab of guac and a few cherry tomatoes

M2: grilled salmon filet, roasted eggplant w chermoula, cherry tomatoes

M3: Chili verde with a big pile of steamed cauli and a sm handful of dried coconut right afterwards

8,623 steps. Wanted 10K but 10 hr work day + 1 hr commute home crushed motivation

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

@hollysmokes I hear you on commutes being motivation crushers!  Do you have an active job that you got 8600 steps with a 10 hr work day and hour commute? 

How did you feel on day 3?  Your meals look great for variety and veggies and even fermented foods :)  It looks like some are missing added fat though - are you finding that you are full and satiated?  I just don't want to see you crash because you aren't getting enough.  It is always easy in the beginning when motivation is high but small deficits each day can sneak up on you down the road...

I hope day 4 is going well for you!

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Hey @littleg thanks for stopping by. There is actually a lot of added fat in there; it's just hidden. I'm pretty generous with the fat when I make my eggs and I make sure it all goes into the eggs; not left in the pan. The chile verde used a pork butt which is pretty fatty and the eggplant had a generous coating of olive oil. I actually have to be careful not to include too much fat which is easy for me to do if I'm having a dollop of mayo or ranch dressing. I often default to a big serving of one vegetable because it's easy but I'm happier when I can have smaller serving of several vegetables at one meal so sometimes I feel like I'm not getting the variety that I would like. Overall, I know I actually do get a nice variety, though. I love fermented vegetables, beverages, pretty much anything and I make my own. I feel like get a double whammy benefit-it's an extra serving of vegetables plus all of the fementy goodness.

My job is terribly sedentary so I really have to make an effort to move. It helps that I have to park a couple of blocks away and I have an Oura ring that reminds me to move if I've been still for 50 minutes. I felt good on Day 3 but wound up feeling a bit deprived towards the end of the day. I wasn't really deprived; it was just my brain being a brat! :lol: being a little low on sleep didn't help either, I'm sure.

So, Tuesday Day 4:

Sleep: 7h 7m + awake 2h 25m= 9h 32m in bed

20 min mobility

M1 & M2 same as Day 3

mid-afternoon a piece of fruit leather, a chomp stick and a sm handful of almonds

M3 brunschweiger, brocc & ranch dressing, 6 garlic/jalapeno stuffed olives, an apple slice, a few raisins and a big pinch of coconut

Ran errands on the way home in an effort to avoid the holiday crush so only managed 8,398 steps but got lots done!

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Glad to hear the fat is in there... so many people end up just doing low carb/high protein/low fat when they start eating "healthy" and that can lead to not feeling too great.   Is brunschweiger liver sausage?  I had to google it :) 

Have you heard of pak dong?  There is a a local fermenter that makes it and sells it at farmers markets near me.  Oh my gosh.  Best stuff I've ever had.  I tried to make my own and it didn't work but if you are good at this kind of stuff maybe you'd like it.  It does have sugar so you'll have to wait til post W30.  https://amandanicolesmith.com/pak-dong/

I've been doing low FODMAP lately for IBS and garlic is a no-no... and I miss my fermented foods!  The only one I can eat now is my plain salt/cabbage sauerkraut.  Oh and ginger carrots, but I miss my pak dong :(

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Well, I'm not just starting; my first W30 was in 2014 so I've been around the block a couple of times :), three to be exact. This is my 4th W30 and my second one was a W60! I reap more benefits and lasting good habits with every round so I decided it was time for a re-set to give me some much needed focus. Yes, brunschweiger is liver sausage- think liver cheese luncheon meat but better. Even though, unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of liver I liked liver cheese as a kid and finally found a compliant braunschweiger, Usinger's if anybody's interested, and it's delicious. I've never heard of pak dong but it sounds interesting. Yeah, that's a lot of sugar in that recipe!

BTW, I can't remember how I discovered Katy Bowman. I think I was surfing looking for proper squat technique and ran across a terrible video of hers that I could barely understand so I went to her website and got hooked. I have several of her books and have shared them and I subscribe to her virtual classes as well. She's awesome! 

Wednesday, Day 5:

Sleep was terrible: 6h 24m + 2h 50m awake= 9h 14m in bed

15 min mobility

M1: 2 eggs, 2 sausage patties, a big pile of stir fried onion, celery, cabbage and kale, pickled radishes

M2: meatball soup w kale (cream of tomato), cherry tomatoes

a couple of slices of prosciutto

M3: pork chili verde w steamed cauli

8,073 steps:angry:



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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Well you've got a few years under your belt then!  I didn't realize that. 

That sausage looks like it must be somewhat regional - I don't recognize the names of any of the stores that carry it. 

But... if you like cooking - this is my go-to for liver.  And I hate liver.  https://autoimmunewellness.com/bacon-beef-liver-pate-with-rosemary-and-thyme/

I made this in a cooking class and even the 3 year old in attendance scarfed it down!  I think it is funny that once you start feeding your body things besides muscle meat and processed carbs sometimes it tells you what it needs and you can actually hear that message.  There will be days where all I want to eat is this liver (I go through this with sardines and smoked oysters too) - when those cravings come I honor them for sure :)



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That looks really good; I'll have to try it. I have a country pork pate that I like but the percentage of liver in it is pretty low. I've also read that pork liver is the strongest flavored liver so trying the beef sounds like a good plan. I think I'll bring that to a Christmas gathering next month. Hmmm, I kind of assumed the Usinger's was widely available since it's made in Milwaukee and I've gotten it in both Louisiana and Tennessee but I guess not. Sorry.

Day 6, Thanksgiving Day!!:

Sleep: 7h 29m + 2h 7m awake= 9h 36m in bed

M1: 2 fried eggs w fermented peppers, broccoli and ranch dressing (late 1000)

M2: burger patty with a big pile of slaw (also late 1430- trying to NOT arrive at the party starving)

M3: turkey, brisket, my Cran-Cherry sauce, brussels sprouts, my creamed kale w pine nuts- 2 sm helpings and didn't overeat. We were at a party and here's all of the thing's I didn't have: cornbread dressing, ham, mac-n-cheese, the sweet potatoes I made because I forgot to leave the topping off of one of them, pies, pies and more pies, homemade bread with Irish butter, lots of casserole-y things that looked delicious and lots more. It was hard but finding the brussels sprouts helped a lot because I felt like I had a complete meal. Also turned down a taste of a very good, very expensive red wine.

Steps: 10,549 most of it in the kitchen and up and down the stairs because I was cooking all day!:D

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Just an FYI on the recipe... it calls for a lot of coconut oil.  I think 1/2 cup?  Anyway, I use like 1 tbsp :)  I know pates often have a lot of extra fat added to them so if you are looking to mimic that super smooth mouth feel you may need it... but taste along the way.  


Nice job making it through a W30 over a holiday.  I always wished I had a group of friends that would want to do a W30-esque holiday meal.  My friends/family are all about eating things out of boxes with margarine so unfortunately not going to happen any time soon :lol:

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Day 7: Opt Outside Friday!

Sleep: 5h 57 + 1h 32m awake= 7h 29 min in bed so a little low on sleep because we went to bed so late but feeling good even if a little tired. Planning a low key day!

Lazy and reading so didn't get around to M1 until it was almost time for M2 so just skipped it.

M2: burger and slaw w fermented peppers

Did a 3 mile hike and had a Chomp's stick, some coconut an a few dried blueberries as a post workout snack

M3: small ribeye and the last of my creamed kale from Thanksgiving

Steps: 11,002! Trying to stay >10K for all 4 of my days off but the weather Saturday is supposed to be awful so I'll have to figure out how to make that happen.

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Saturday Nov 29 Day 8:

Sleep: 7h 50m + 1h 55m awake= 9h 45m in bed

M1: 3 fried eggs, 2 sliced Pederson's bacon, fermented radishes

M2: brunschweiger, broccoli and ranch

Made a "syrup" with cherries macerated in ACV to add to soda  for a drinking vinegar-style drink. Yum!

M3: NomNompaleo's cream of mushroom soup and some slices of prosciutto

Steps: 4461 but got a lot done; it just didn't require much movement, sadly. Made fire cider and sorted through (and got rid of) 5 binders of recipes as part of the Mins Game! Yaaay!

Feeling really good and was totally stoked to have something delicious to drink. Didn't miss having a beer while we watched the ballgame at all and made sure I wasn't hungry so I wasn't tempted to eat bar food. It had been a dreary, rainy day so it was good to get out of the house, run a couple of errands and socialize for a bit. Need more steps and more vegetables!

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Sunday, Dec 1 Day 9 ( I'm obviously all mixed up about what day/date it is! :blink:):

Sleep: 7h 50m + 1h 55m awake = 9h 45m in bed

M1: 2.5 pieces of Pederson's bacon, 2 eggs scrambled with a big handful of chopped broccoli topped w fermented curried cauli

Lots of cherry drinking vinegar watching football but NO bar food. Chomps stick when I got home.

M2: turkey thigh, cran-cherry sauce, cauli/mushroom "pilaf"

Steps: 7,444. Didn't meet my goal but better than yesterday. Was pretty hangry after we got home from the football game but wasn't hungry enough to eat before we left :( Bad planning but didn't see another way around it unless I smuggled food into the bathroom and ate there- yuck. 

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Monday, Dec 2, Day 10

Sleep: 6h 36m + 1h 39m awake= 8h 15m in bed

M1: 2 eggs scrambled with ground pork, shredded brussels sprouts and broccoli (this will be my breakfast all week), fermented curried cauli

M2: the rest of the turkey thigh, cran-cherry sauce, cauli/mushroom "pilaf"

M3: sous vide turkey dark meat, sauteed turnips

Steps: 6,468

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Tuesday. Dec 3, Day 11:

Sleep: 6h 52m + 1h 45m awake= 8h 37m in bed

M1: same as Monday

M2: sous vide turkey dark meat with jus + fat, turnips and broccoli sauteed in duck fat

1/2 cup turkey bone broth

M3: pan-fried turkey "oysters" and slaw made w fermented hot pepper "vinegar" & homemade mayo, pinch of dried coconut to finish

Steps: 6,767

Need to step up my step game!

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Wednesday, Dec 4, Day 12:

Sleep: 7h 17m + 1h 29m awake=8h 39m in bed actually slept well but my husband tossed and turned and kept me from falling asleep for an hour or so.

20 minutes stretching/mobility

M1 same as Monday with fermented radishes

M2: same as Tuesday

Went to a friend's graduation and didn't have any of the gorgeous Russian cake his wife brought. Or the liquor-filled dark chocolates or the Champagne! The whole room smelled like sugar! I wonder if anyone noticed besides me?

cashews- wasn't hungry just snacky -_-

M3: pork chop with Bavarian seasoning and sugar snaps sauteed in oo.

Had CBD/chamomile/lemongrass tea after dinner same as Tuesday (forgot to doc) -added some hibiscus flowers this time but forgot to add a second serving of collagen. I haven't documented it but I have two cups of black coffee every morning (usually 3 on the weekend) and add collagen to one cup. Also have about 4 oz kombucha every day. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less. Also try to remember to do a gut shot every day but that's hit or miss!

Steps: 8,767 better...


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Thursday, Dec 5, Lucky Day 13:

Sleep: 6h 53m + 1h 7m awake= 8h in bed Would have liked a little more sleep but the fact that I was only awake for an hour is great!

M1: same w fermented dilly beans

M2: Sous vide dark meat turkey (again! and totally over it) and cauli mash w better butter

sm handful of cashews and blueberry drinking vinegar w soda

M3: meatloaf muffins and sauteed brussels sprouts

I remembered to add collagen to my tea tonight!

Steps: 7,988 -_- One more trip up and down the stairs and, at least I would have broken 8K


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Friday, Dec 6, Day 14:

Had a slight hissy fit and pouted for about two hours last night when I realized that I can eat nothing except the prime rib at an upcoming Christmas party/wine tasting. Nothing! It kinda took the wind out of my Tiger Blood sails but I'm trying to put my big girl pants on and come up with an hors d' oeuvre and veg side dishes that I can eat, everyone else will enjoy and won't be a duplicate of something that's already there. I'm glad I have a couple of weeks to brainstorm because I'm drawing a blank. Anyway...

Sleep: 6h 41m + 1h 35m awake= 8h 17m in bed

20 minutes of weights (forgot to document 20 minutes of mobility yesterday morning)

M1: same + fermented radishes

M2: same as M3 yesterday

M3: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes and green onion w ranch dressing- delicious and gorgeous enough that my husband was jealous that he only had steamed broccoli w cheese to go with his chicken :) 

Steps: 8,954 I need to start checking my steps late in the evening- it would have been a good mental boost to get another 47 steps in! That's two days in a row! 

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Saturday, Dec 7, Day 15: "A date which will live in infamy..." Thinking of all of the people that died that day as well as the recent shooting victims.

Sleep: 6h 45m + 1h 14m awake= 8h 1m in bed

M1: 3 boiled eggs w mayo, cherry tomatoes, fermented peppers

M2: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes w ranch dressing- made enough for both of us this time!

M3: surf (trigger fish) and turf (sirloin) w blistered green beans

Steps: 10,175 Yay! and that included 4 trips up the driveway with some medicine ball fun in between each trip 

Halfway and it's flying by!

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Sunday, Dec 8, Day 16:

Sleep: 7h 35m + 2h 18m awake = 9h 54m in bed/sofa Crazy night! I managed to really hurt my foot watching TV and when I got up to go to bed, I could barely walk. After a couple of hours lying in bed in pain, I took some ibuprofen and rubbed some anti inflammatory gel on my foot then moved to the sofa so I could elevate it and ice it down. Finally got to sleep and slept really well until 730. Not going to be able to push my steps for a while.

Very late M1/M2 AKA brunch: 3 scrambled eggs w broccoli, fermented peppers, cherry tomatoes

handful of pecans and a cup of turkey bone broth around 4

M3: buffalo chicken wings w ranch dressing

Steps: 4,237 better than I thought I'd be able to do. Foot is still sore but I can walk on it if I don't flex too hard. Just need to keep treating and taking it easy:angry:

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Monday, Dec 9, Day 17:

Sleep: 7h 5m + 1h 6m awake=8h 11m in bed

M1: hash w ground pork, kohlrabi, mushrooms, poblano pepper, scrambled eggs and fermented radishes

M2: buffalo chicken wings, broccoli and cherry tomato salad w ranch

M3: pork chop, brussels sprouts sauteed in brown butter ghee

Steps: 6,244 and this included 1.5 hrs in a dentist chair but again better than I thought but still trying to take it easy on my foot which is showing some bruising where I did whatever I did to it

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Tuesday, Dec 10, Day 18:

Sleep: 6h 54m + 1h 24m awake=8h 18m in bed

M1: same as Monday but with fermented curried cauli

M2: baba ganoush w raw kohlrabi as a dipper, cherry tomatoes and baked chicken thigh

M3: birthday ribeye, sauteed collards w pine nuts, a sm piece of sw potato (got my husband a big slice of really good cake for his birthday so I didn't have to make it and have it hanging around the house and made creamed collards for him to take to work to enjoy)

Steps: 7,987 not bad for trying to take it easy- foot is still sore but much better

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Wed, Dec 11, Day 19:

Sleep: 5h 48m + 40m awake=6h 28m in bed I knew I'd be short on sleep; we went to see a Tony Joe White Tribute on my husband's birthday and didn't get home until after 10 so I'm a little tired but OK and it was totally worth it!

M1: same w kimchi

M2: broccoli, cherry tomato, chicken salad w ranch dressing

M3: Ate out! The only 2 compliant things on the menu, brisket and baked potato w green onions (I brought ghee and bacon with me) delicious and it was a nice treat to have my one and only meal on this W30 that I didn't have to cook.

Steps: 7,640


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Thursday, Dec 12 Day 20: 

Sleep: 6h 22m + 37m awake=7h in bed - second night in a row going out to see music but was able to sleep in a little. I was really tired all day but I survived!

M1: same as Wed

M2: leftover birthday ribeye, a tiny amount of baked sw potato and sauteed collards w pine nuts, cherry tomatoes w ranch

M3: meatloaf muffins and sauteed green beans

Steps: 6,566


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Friday the 13th, Day 21: woohoo ⅔ of the way there!

Sleep: 6h 48m + 1h 14m awake=8h 2m in bed

M1: same as Thurs

M2: meatloaf muffins and sautéed green beans

handful of pecans

M3: buffalo wings and pan-fried plantains

Steps: 5,787 and it's time to work on my movement- my foot feels pretty good soon excuses

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