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Saturday, Dec 14, Day 22:

Sleep: 6h 32m + 1h 47m awake (lots of cat)= 8h 19m in bed

M1: kinda dropped the ball on this one sine I had a jillion errands to run- 2c turkey bone broth then a lemon RX bar after my second grocery store

M2: 2 hot dogs w chile, kraut, jalapeños and Creole mustard, cole slaw

M3: sous vide chuck roast and broccoli w ranch dressing- not the most creative but I was so tired I didn't care if I ate or not. Glad I did because I felt much better afterwards.

Steps: 8,407 plus a couple of hours prepping a gallon each of radishes and turnips to get ferments started. My Oura ring considers standing in one place as nothing but it sure makes me tired!

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Sunday, Dec 15, Day 23:

Sleep: 7h 15m + 1h 25m awake=8h 40m in bed

M1: Niman Ranch bacon (so good!) and 2 fried eggs, fermented peppers

M2: very small baked chicken thigh, prosciutto, handful of coconut flakes


M3: chuck roast topped with salsa

Steps: 4,500

More veggies, more steps but it felt really good to get some rest in between cook-up projects

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Monday, Dec 16, Day 24:

Sleep: 7h 59m + 1h 2m awake=9h 1m in bed that felt so good- went to be at 8 :) 

15 minutes of stretching/mobility

M1: turkey/turnip/kohlrabi/poblano hash w 2 scrambled eggs and fermented curried cauli

M2: 2 hot dogs w chile, kraut, jalapeños, cole slaw

RX bar

M3: meatloaf muffins, brocc w ranch dressing

Steps: 6,365

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Tuesday, Dec 17, Day 25:

Sleep: 6h 56m + 1h 31m awake=8h 27m in bed

M1: same as Monday

M2: lamb burger and slaw w cherry tomatoes and jalapenos

M3: spiced pecans (taste testing new recipe to bring to the party Saturday), 2 hot dogs, cherry tomatoes

Steps: 6,638

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Wed, Dec 18, Day 26:

Sleep: 6h 43m + 1h 7m awake=7h 51m in bed

M1: same w full sour pickles instead of cauli. Hadn't tried cukes w breakfast before- it sounded odd but I've had green tomatoes done just like the cukes so why not? Yum and my year-old full sours need to get eaten before they get mushy

M2: lamb burger w cauli sauteed in lamb fat

M3: sous vide chix breast and roasted brussels/cauli/onion/carrots

Steps: 5,792  -_-

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Thurs, Dec 19, Day 27:

Sleep: 7h 18m + 1h 10m awake=8h 29m in bed. I finally feel like my sleep quality is improving a a bit- finally!

M1: same as Wednesday

M2: lamb burger w leftover roasted veggies from Wed M3

1 hr mobility with Katy Bowman

M3: sirloin steak, sauteed green beans, raspberries

Steps: 7,808...better but still dragging my average down- not the direction I wanted it to go during my W30 (or ever)

Felt good today and really pumped that I accomplished everything I wanted to do when I got home: mobility work, made a good dinner, started prepping for Saturday night potluck- probably bringing too much but if I don't, I don't get to eat!


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Friday, Dec 20, Day 28:

Sleep: 6h 37m + 1h 14m awake=7h 51m in bed

M1: same w fermented peppers

M2: lamb burger w sautéed green beans

Stopped for Happy Hour and enjoyed sparkling water with prickly pear cactus water for a little flavor. I forgot to bring one of my drinking vinegars with me and it was the only thing at Whole Food that was compliant and wasn't juice- and my husband found it; I was striking out. The flavor was pretty light but also pretty tasty.

M3: leftover sous vide chicken breast, sautéed asparagus, raspberries

Steps: 6, 052

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Saturday, Dec 21, Day 29, Party Day, Happy Solstice!:

Sleep: 6h 59m + 1h 44m awake=8h 43m in bed

M1: 3 hard boiled eggs with a dollop of mayo, 3 slices of bacon, cherry tomatoes

M2: pecans, a small serving of mushroom artichoke dip- failed to plan for something knowing I was going to be cooking for the party all day

M3: Party Time: spinach artichoke-stuffed mushrooms, prime rib w horseradish sauce (made a dairy-free one for me), hasselback sweet potatoes baked in better butter, green bean cauli casserole, beets. Beverages: spiced hibiscus tea w LaCroix and pomegranate/orange/ginger juice w Hint sparkling water- both were fabulous!

All of the amazing food I didn't eat: homemade rolls, cake, pumpkin roll, cookies, goat cheese, corn pudding, bacon wrapped smoked venison in teriyaki sauce, bacon wrapped stuffed something w apricot glaze, brussels w bacon and gruyere, scalloped potatos, 2 gorgeous salads just because I didn't want to find their creators and quiz them abt ingredients (one had cheese so that was easy) but they had a bag of beets that hadn't gotten added to the salad bowls yet, beautiful festive punch with penguin-shaped ice cubes, lots of wine (it was a cote du rhone tasting)

Steps: 9,503 but felt like twice that many! Even if I had realized how close I was to 10K, I don't think I had another 498 steps in me. I spent A LOT of time standing which doesn't "count" but was exhausting

Thoughts: Even though I was tired because I tried to do too much, I'm very glad I cooked as much as I did so I was able to enjoy a meal and not just have a piece of meat. Even happier that everyone loved the stuffed mushrooms, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes and had no clue that they were "special", which was my goal.

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Day 30!!:

Sleep: 6h 28m + 1h 6m awake=7h 34m in bed. Not too bad since we didn't get to bed until after 11

Late M1: sliced turkey breast wrapped around Kosher dills, cherry tomatoes, olives, broccoli w ranch dip and a few raspberries

Late M2 more of a snack to hold me over until M3: 8 spinach and artichoke stuffed mushrooms, raspberries

M3: sous vide chicken breast, sautéed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, horseradish sauce

I was tired from the festivities and cooking so not too many steps and that's OK.

Reflections: The data says my sleep doesn't seem to be any better but I feel more rested most days so I'm going to keep working on it. My avg # of steps decreased so I'll work on getting that number up. I'm planning on staying pretty strict W30 except for small amounts of sweeteners in sauces or rubs and crappy oil so I can eat out on occasion (like NYE!) but want to stay mindful. I feel like my NSV's were of the more general variety: I just FEEL better and I really needed to reset some sloppy eating habits- portion control was one of them. On top of that, I lost 10 lbs and that feels good, too. Since I didn't increase my movement as much as I had wanted to, I'm attributing it to portion control and better food and beverage choices. 


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