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Hello, i figured I would introduce myself I just happen to find this place while looking through the options and such  for paleo.  My health is having huge troubles  - I was on the path of self destruction and didnt even know it.

Recently went to my doctor he said if i didnt change my eating habits now i was going to be a diabetic. well, naturally at first it scared the crap out of me. he suggests exercise (naturally) and then he suggested Paleo thinking it would be the easier way for me to adjust and get my sugar into a  better place. because my numbers are on the high side.  so he told me find a group online or a place to go, but make sure this is your decision and not just because i am recommending it, because if it is just because of the recommendation then you may give up on it.

Well , I thought long and hard about it. and I decided I dont wanna destroy my life any longer with things that are bad for me. I wanna do better and get out of this whole idea of looking at being a diabetic. So , I want to take the advice get the help that i need  to get through it. i have read the main part of the whole thirty website, i know there is alot more to read, and I am going to keep reading after i post this.


Now, onto a little about me other than health, I am from south eastern michigan, I love sports, and used to love being outside. i wanna get back to all the things that i do  love. and I dont want nothing to get me down like this again. I have decided in my mind and in my heart this is something I really want to do. " I dont wanna say i slipped , because i am not going to land face first into the pizza)  so youll prolly see me here on and off I may ask questions at times.  but alot of this makes sense and is really self explanatory and I am really enjoying what I have read so far. the diet makes alot of sense, and I am not going to get bored of it from how it sounds.


anyway, thanks for reading my post and have a great evening or day, whenever someone reads this..

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