2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th

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@Jim Baunach These are my three favorite recipe bloggers, all of which have trustworthy Whole30 sections on their sites: 

Here are a handful of my favorite recipes: 

As for products, I recommend checking out the @Whole30approved Instagram page or the Whole30 Approved page on the Whole30 website. I particularly like Primal Kitchen and The New Primal for marinades, sauces and dressings. 

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9 hours ago, Jim Baunach said:

@littleyellowdiary Wow.  What a simple diagnosis. Sounds like that is real disability.



I don't think of it as a disability; my brain just works slightly differently to a neurotypical person. Sometimes it is a benefit, for example, I find it easy to stick to new habits and rules like the Whole30. My autism very much makes me who I am and is responsible for a lot of my key personality traits so I would never call it a disability. Thanks for your concern though. 

All going well as I hit day 5. Yesterday I made my own sauerkraut and also some mayo and ketchup for the fridge. I treated myself to some seafood for the next few days as I think I will finish my big beef roast today finally. And I bought lots more eggs. Still chomping through all the veggies in the fridge. 

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2 hours ago, littleyellowdiary said:

I find it easy to stick to new habits and rules like the Whole30.

@littleyellowdiary I also like things with clear rules, rather than guidelines or recommendations.  That way, I can determine up front if I can devote the time and effort to stick to them and know that if I don't see results after sticking to the rules, it's not something I did wrong, but a problem with the program rules.

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Hey everyone! We are closing in on the end of Day 7! I hope everyone is doing well! I feel really good. My mood has stabilized and my energy is up. It's amazing how other aspects of my life get better when I am feeling good and happy. My kitchen, for example, is being kept clean! I'm not a slob, but I'm not ridiculously tidy either and sometimes dishes will sit in my sink for a day or two. But I've been getting the dishwasher loaded and run every night so that it's ready for the next day. My stovetop and counters are wiped down and I walk in in the mornings to make my coffee and it just makes me smile. It really starts my day off on the right foot.

I am still looking forward to better sleep quality. It was so hard for me to wake up this morning. I think if that area doesn't improve much in the next week, I'm going to look at my actual sleeping environment to see what improvements I may be able to make.

Our family's schedule really ramps up next week with ski meets, play practice, and boy scouts so I am on the hunt for super quick meals or crockpot meals to help make dinner easy-peasy. If you have any favorites or suggestions I am all ears!

@littleyellowdiary, how did the homemade mayo adventure go? I've been too chicken to make my own so I've bought either Tessamae's or Primal Kitchen mayo. Both were very good.

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Thanks for all the resources, @kirbz. I bought a lot of bits and pieces this week so I am trying to use everything up but I might try some of these recipes next week when I am back to work after the holidays and need to be a bit more organised.

@Laura of The Great White North - I just realised I never told you what bubble and squeak is! It's basically a way to use up leftover vegetables (and meat, if you have it) from a roast dinner. You basically just squish all your leftovers together - sprouts, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, swede, parsnips... - and then fry it until it goes a bit crispy. I think the name is supposedly from the noises it makes in the pan. I have found quite a good spin on it is to stir through some chaat masala spice mix. I got the idea from this recipe which I have enjoyed when not on the Whole30. I enjoyed making a trip to the area of town near me famous for its Indian restaurants and shops to pick some of that up, always fun to see all the different foods. Looks like I can get plantain there too, which is not common in the UK.

My first mayo attempt was a disaster, I tried the Whole30 recipe and used a blender and it just looked like milk and never thickened. But I got another recipe from my sister which worked a treat. She recommended using a hand mixer so I did that and it was perfect. I also added the oil with a jug really, really slowly. Let me know if you would like the recipe. I haven't found any compliant mayo here in the UK so making it will be my only option. 

I made a Spanish omelette last night which should be good for a few breakfasts with bacon or avocado. I was out with a friend today so had to snack on nuts, banana and carrots, so I had some melon and prosciutto when I got home. Tonight I think I am going to make this to have a little meat break as I think I have everything I need and it doesn't need too many tweaks. 

This is day 6 for me. I feel pretty good, I definitely feel less bloated and pretty trim and good about myself. Energy seems fine, I sometimes run to the gym instead of walking and I couldn't quite make it all the way without stopping today, but I have been doing a lot of walking this week so perhaps I am generally a bit tired. Sleeping well too, the only negative side-effect I have noticed is that my skin is breaking out quite a bit. I hope that will settle soon. 

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@littleyellowdiary, I would love to have the recipe for the mayo. I'm on Day 9 here and I feel like some new things are clicking around in my brain in a very good way. The truth of how this way of living (for the most part) will become my new normal is sinking in. I am committed to reintroduction, even though it scares me. And then to living my food freedom. 

When you make your bubble and squeak, are you forming little patties with all of the ingredients? Or just frying it up like a hash? It sounds like a really great way to use leftovers!  Also, what is swede?

Your omelette sounds like it was very tasty! I just made a very simple chicken and vegetable soup for lunch today. I added just a touch of ground ginger to the broth and it really made a huge impact on the flavor! I'm going to try a teriyaki salmon either tonight or tomorrow. 

I ordered some beef sticks from the company Chomps and they arrived today. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. I wasn't entirely sure if they were going to be like jerky or more like a Slim Jim. They are definitely a much healthier version of a Slim Jim and they taste good too. I'm happy to add them to my stock of emergency food. I try to keep a couple of things in my lunch bag and my purse for times when I can't get home on time to cook or eat leftovers. 

I think your skin will clear up. I didn't have any breakouts during my last Whole30 or so far during this round. But my complexion had a ton of improvement. I have old acne scars under my chin and on my neck that have always stayed a really dark red color and they faded away to almost nothing during my last W30. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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@Laura of The Great White North The mayo recipe is:

1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dijon mustard (I subbed mustard powder)
2 tsp cider/wine vinegar
100ml light olive oil
Black pepper

Beat the yolk, mustard, vinegar and salt (I used a hand mixer) then add the oil very slowly, beating as you go and it will thicken. At the end stir in black pepper.

I doubled this recipe and was really pleased with it - it is very rich and much nicer than shop-bought mayo. I might try adding other flavours next time like some chopped herbs or some garlic. 

I usually do bubble and squeak like a hash. It's a very ugly meal but very tasty. We don't get Slim Jims in the UK. There are a few brands of jerky or biltong but I haven't seen any in the shops without added sugar yet.

I went for another really long walk today - it ended up being 9 miles! So I've eaten quite a weird assortment of snacks to get me through. I ended up having an apple, some melon and prosciutto, a banana, some nuts, some olives and, weirdest of all, some cooked olive oil and chili calamari rings I picked up on the way home! But they were really tasty.  I've realised I've walked 45 miles in the past week. I'm back to work on Monday so I wonder how I will feel energy-wise getting back to routine on the W30. 

Hopefully my skin will clear, as you say! I'll see how it goes.

 I made Nom Nom Paleo's Magic Mushroom Powder today. I've been buying lots of odd bits and pieces this week as I've explored what I can eat so I've planned quite a weird menu for the next week to make sure I use everything without waste. Hopefully it will all come together and then the week after I can plan a bit more and try some new recipes. @kirbz those salmon burgers will be on rotation for sure. I also liked the look of this: https://nomnompaleo.com/post/57975313761/deconstructed-samosa-spiced-keema

I've heard so much about Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pig. Does anyone have any idea if I could do it in a normal oven? As I don't have an instant pot or a slow cooker. 

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How is everyone doing?

I am on day 10. I am generally feeling okay, although I don't feel as lean as I did a few days back - seem to be a bit more bloated, which is disheartening. But I know this is mentioned in the timeline so I will try not to worry too much. My skin seems to be clearing up a bit. Energy is okay, although no "tiger blood" yet.

I'm eating more Nom Nom Paleo Egg Foo Youngs with avocado for breakfasts this week, then big salads with roasted veg and mackerel/salmon for lunches. I'm out a few evenings so I am having quick pre-baked sweet potatoes with tuna mayo and kale for dinner most nights. 

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Hello! Day 12 here. Things are moving right along. I'm running low on breakfast provisions so that will be a priority soon. I have to work this weekend so my shopping and food prep time is drastically reduced.  I have a spaghetti squash so I think I'm going to do a buffalo chicken skillet with that to make some leftovers. 

We're almost halfway there! Has anyone started thinking about reintroduction yet? One of Melissa Urban's podcasts talked about starting to think about reintroduction around day 13 so that you're prepared and can do it successfully. I'm torn between the slow roll introduction and the faster 10 day one. Does anyone have any thoughts about which one is better?

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Hi everyone, I'm still here and plugging along. I'm not even sure what day I'm on. LOL. This is my fourth round and I'm really, really trying to make this more of a long-term lifestyle change this time around so I'm doing a lot less online stuff this round. Because, if this is just how I live my everyday life, I wouldn't be doing that, right? I don't know if that makes sense, but it does in my head! 

@Laura of The Great White North I strongly recommend doing the formal, 10-day reintroduction and really documenting and figuring out what works for you. At least for me, when I did the slow-roll introduction, I would eat what felt worth it but sometimes that pretty much always meant I would reintroduce multiple food groups at once and I didn't have a good grasp on what bothered me and what didn't bother me. So, I would say do the 10-day reintroduction, do it in the order they recommend, and don't mix up a bunch of different food groups. You're really missing out on valuable data for your long-term health if you don't add some structure to your reintroductions!

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@kirbz, I totally understand what you mean about not doing much online because that isn't what life will look like in the "real world". Good for you for doing what you feel will make you the most successful!

I will be doing the 10 day reintroduction and documenting it well. I listened to the newest podcast from Melissa Urban today about self-sabotage. It was very enlightening!

I also forgot what day I was on and so I was pleasantly surprised to see my calendar tell me it's day 14! I'm also happy to note that I am experiencing less digestive discomfort this time than I did last time. It just dawned on me today that last time I was taking some antibiotics so that was probably a larger contribution to the digestion issues than the food.

My NSV for today is that I went the entire day in heels at work! Normally I don't wear them because my feet and back ache so badly. But today it was not a problem and I ended up feeling rather powerful strolling down the halls at the office in heels! Take those victories wherever you find them!

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@kirbz That's really interesting feedback about your reintroduction experience. I was thinking I would probably do the slow roll but you make some good points. 

I'm on day 13. All fine so far, I had to take a lunchbox to a training event yesterday but no one bothered me about it. 

@Laura of The Great White North good to hear that you aren't having too many digestive troubles. I made the mistake of having roasted jerusalem artichokes on Wednesday night and boy, did I know all about it on Thursday. 

This is my first week back at work after the holidays and I have really been struggling. Feeling very tired and my legs have been very fatigued from my workouts. Not sure how much of that is readjusting to routine and how much is the Whole30. I have to admit after an initial positive start I have felt a bit down the last few days. Still waiting for that Tiger Blood.

Going to my parents' house tonight and my mum is making me steak and sweet potato wedges. Yum yum.

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Hello from Day 19! I hope this finds you all well! I am doing well and I think I will cruise through the last 3rd of this round. I'm finding a little food boredom so I'm looking for new recipes to try to bring other flavors to my plate. One of my sons has an all day ski meet on Saturday that we're volunteering at so I will have to pack wisely for the day.

Does anyone have good recipes for homemade Italian sausage? I cannot find any locally that does not include added sugar. I don't want to make it into sausage, but to use is tomato sauces and soups. 

We're on the home stretch!!

BTW, @littleyellowdiary, I LOVE your profile pic!

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Congratulations to all of us for making this happen! My Day 30 is also on Saturday and I will be extending for another four days and then I have a work dinner at my favorite restaurant so I will be indulging in my favorite burger and sweet potatoes of all time. I then plan to try a "Whole Foods February" and see how that makes me feel. I've always been Whole 30 or eating Lucky Charms and Mac n Cheese. I've never tried anything in  between. So I'm going to see how I do just eating cleanly  but not restricting things I know don't bother me like lentils and hummus and white rice. 

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@littleyellowdiary I considered a Whole45 or Whole60 as well. But I decided to start reintroducing foods. First up, legumes! So tonight I made chili with beans. I may still have some peanut butter also. I'm trying to keep this as single-ingredient as possible. 

@kirbz, I think a whole foods February sounds like a great idea! I am like you, either Whole30 or pizza, pop, and chips. I am looking forward to finding balance. 

Thank you for joining me during these 30 days!!

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