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Ninja's Back!


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Today is the first day of my second Whole30. Since January 2nd I have daily I can't wait to start back up. Due to getting sick adn the sheer amount of noncompliant food in my fridge, we settled on starting today. I know, I know, if I was ready and all...I am not in a position to have tossed all of that food out.

Anywho: I'm Back! And so ready. I am going to focus on getting back to a better sleep schedule. With the long weekends thanks to the holidays, and the holiday season in general, I went to bed later and later. I slept in on the days when I could, but I didn't take additional time off and was often opertating on 6-7 hours of sleep. I also want to find a happy amount of physical activity, And not let my social activity go poof!

Started today, thanks to my sister, with scrambled eggs, compliant pork sausage and black coffee. Even over the holidays I didn't stray from the black, I'm very happy with my coffee :) Forgot how filling just eggs can be...had two mini meals really.

Meal2, burger/taco salad: ground beef, bell pepper, lettuce and compliantsalsa, with a La Croix. Yum.

Walked home, but ended up eating back here at work. Busy, busy, busy.

Beautiful sunny day, almost blinding with the snow, but I'm not complaining. A little envious of those brave and able enough to continue to ride their bikes despite the ice...

Another upside, the Whole house is doing the Whole30 this time around. I only hope we don't all hit the Must.Kill.All.Things stage at the same time :o

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Hello ladies, thanks, it's nice to be back :)

So, meant to add my weigh-in and measurements but this and that and you know...so starting weight 137 lb. Have to add meas. later, wrote them down at home.

First night of sleep = craptastic. But I had just rearranged my furniture, had some ambient light (wow that humidifier is Bright!). So if I was lucky got 6 hours, avoided looking at the clock the Many times I woke up.

M3: compliant pork brats broken up and cooked with kale and mustard. Yum. But after having been overly full with the 1st 2 meals and not finishing either, it became a bottomless evening. Had seconds, then had a med. apple with coconut butter and tea. Resisted snacking, and I knew my tendency towards heartburn couldn't handle any more meat so close to bed so I toughed it out.

But today is another day!

Sleep: better, was in bed by 10:30, which was later than I planned/wanted and I was Cranky. Covered up that light, but still woke up a few times. At this point in the day (11:30am-ish) I could seriously go for a nap.

Woke up with funny feeling stomache, think it was due to going ot bed still hungry.

Meal 1: scrambled eggs and pork sausage with black coffee again. I had intentions of adding some more, but those pesky black holes of time are still running about in my house :)

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OY what a morning!

Yesterday: lunch, repeat of MOnday, just a lot more. Pre dinner was a medium sweet potato, coconut butter and cinnamon-I had to go the grocery store. Didn't have time to make full out dinner first, didn't want to go hungry. I was already on the way to Crankers. And the drive to and from the store pushed me full on into it. But the store itself wasn't bad, still thinks it's funny that my impulse/treat buy was something like spaghetti sauce. No sugar, or other crazy stuff, not ridiculously expensive. And I just happen to have a spaghetti squash hanging out so...I couldn't pass it up. OH, and Tunafish. Bumbleebee brand has a gold can that is either just tuna and water or just tuna and olive oil. Making Mayo tonight!

Today: overslept so was running behind. But I still cooked up 2 eggs and a sweet potatoe, drizzled a little CB over for fat. With black coffee. Surprisingly not cranky, even after falling, ridiculously icey this morning.

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Ok, so I took a little break from my log, but not from Whole30. All though man, this weekend was T.o.u.g.h.! Family Christmas (I know it's a little late, but we're a flexible group) we did taco bar. Not too hard. Sis and I provided bulk of the meat, our grass fed beef cooked up with onions and compliant homemade taco seasoning. Also some shredded pork from a leftover (happy pig) pork shoulder we had frozen. Our older sis and niece are on their first Whole30, they were also having a little bit of a hard time with the taco shells, sour cream and dad's Cheesecake....

Sunday was just one of those days. It was blah and bleck and drizzle and ugh. I treated myself to a movie, and had pretty much let the snack monster (I don't have so much a Sugar Dragon, as this not so little Snack Monster I must slay...) win, just a little bag of somehting, nobody would know right? But technology + a weird gift certificate+ plus a new (maybe no so bright) movie employee meant I couldn't buy the "treat" without doing a separate transaction and my movie was starting. So I said NO! It might not fall totally in the win category because it was outside powers conspiring, but hey, in the end I still did not have any type of snack/candy/stuff while watching the movie.

Made some awesome (if I do say so myself) chicken veg soup over the weekend. And ate a lot of that. Sunday I Really Really REALLY wanted some nice crunchy bread to go with it. Fortunately there was none in the house. Pretty sure I would have said to hell with it if there was.

Monday: M1. scrambled eggs in ghee, 2 pieces compliant bacon, black coffee. Started cutting down. My goal is One cup only. It's been two full cups. Started getting buzzy feeling and didn't finish 2nd cup.

M2: I think left over taco beef with some greens, salsa and guac. La Croix.

M3: First thouhgt, I have no food.So made do, whilst caramelizing onions for another (Delicious) soup, fried an egg and baked some pure pumpkin with an egg and ghee stirred in. put over the maybe 1/4 cp left of pork sausage. Wah-la! Breakfast for dinner!

Today: m1: scrambled eggs with a bit of kale, in ghee. Black coffee. 1 & 1/2 cups. And these aren't Huge cups. I think fairly standard sized, so slightly more than a diner portion..

M2: Some of the above mentioned soup. Caramelized onions, sweet potatoes, chard and leeks in chicken broth, then pureed. Not so appealing looking, I will give you that but smells good, tastes good and very filling.

now having this urge to eat Something with chew. So I distracted myself. Went and talked with my boss, she knows about my whole30 endeavors, and thinks they're neat! but isn't currently interested. She does ask more adn more questions, good sign right? That with some hot Tart! tea...I'm good, whew! Damn snack monster :rolleyes:

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Just deleted an entire paragraph that was really, just bitching. I am in a good mood, don't know what inspired that rant....it felt Really good to just press delete :)

Finished the day with a it's food and it's nourishing kind of dinner. We forgot to put the roast in the slow cooker on lunch, somehting I realized as we were walking away from the house...oy. The end of the day was kind of harried for my sister, and when she is stressed/overwhelmed I have sympathy pains/stress. Mainly I get stressed by trying to find ways to aleviate Her stress, which often just frustrates her (it seems) and then we're both even more stressed! Tis the life of a little sister :) But anywho, she saved the day with scrambled egg+broccoli+sausage mix with the last of my soup. It smelled great.

Last time we did Whole30 she got the energy burst before me. And it seems to be repeating this time. I don't remember if this happened last time or not, but the past few nights, I Hit the wall and have to go to bed-NOW. If I stay up beyond that point I get surly. So I've been trying to adjust my evening routine so that my face and teeth are clean earlier, and my bed is cleared, so that I can just fall in. It (nearly) worked last night.

This morning: scrambled eggs (need to come up with something else tomorrow, egg fatigue), with leeks and pork sausage. Cooked in the pork fat and ghee. Black Coffee. 1 1/2 mugs.

Upside, I have often had this weird issue, where I itch when I get cold. I mean Really itch. It has finally started to decrease again (it disappeared after the first Whole30).

Afternoon: bumblee bee tuna in oil, greens, with an orange.

Evening: Chuck roast, roasted carrots and onions and "gravy", some of the veg pureed with the drippings. Over garlic kale. Pan cooked pears in coconut oil.

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Woke up at 7:19. Have to leave my house by 7:45. Fortunately there were egg lefteovers from the other day's dinner. Grabbed those and black coffee.

Lunch: Last of my veggie soup. Tangerine and handful of cashews. Figs, about 5.

Sadly, I think the figs may have turned. I don't know what else to blame. My innards were Not happy later in the afternoon, and had some pain going on...ugh.

Volunteer night, I was a little stressed going in. Cat issue just before I left the house, and still not feeling well. Was at the point where I was either having crazy hunger pains or on the way to severe nauseau. STrange how sometimes my brain honestly can't tell the difference. I did eat a chicken strip and some fruit at the potluck portion. It wasn't breaded so pretty sure ok. Took a seltzer water with me.

Evening: Stew my wonderful sister made from the roast leftovers. Peppermint tea.

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I didn't sleep so well, still had some belly pain going on. Got up and drank a mug of water, just put cold water over my peppermint tea bag. That helped some.

2 glasses of COLD water.

Breakfast-half can of canned pumpkin, mixed with 2 eggs and nuked. Topped with some coconut butter. Lesson learned? Carrying raw eggs in work bag is tricky. I should have just taken the time to crack the eggs into a jar, but oh well. They made it here whole and my bag didn't get egged. Another upside, intrigued 2 separate coworkers with my concoction. :) Black coffee. Haven't finished yet, so don't know what my total amount will be. There is actually 2 full mugs worth in my thermos, I've only drank 3/4 of a mug so far.

So, I finished all of my coffee. And am a little buzzy feeling. Normally, what has been helping me stop if I do start the full 2nd cup is my coffee getting cold-yuck. But I either drank it faster than normal without realizing or my building is warmer than usual. Probably a combo. Goal for next week: be more Mindful of coffee consumption, since it's at work, in between answering phones (volume is up due to some recent political stuff) and computering it's sadly easy to stop paying attention. (That is what helped feed my snack monster pre-Whole30).

Midday: Nothing! Was prepped that is. Dug out a tube of grass fed ground beef from the freezer and thawed that in the microwave. Ended up cooking it with red cabbage, salt and white pepper, and topping with jalapeno salsa (compliant of course :)) While the meat was thawing prepped T-bone steaks for grilling for dinner tonight. And just managed to get back to work on time. Had to eat my lunch at my desk, which means I'm still eating. Was full by 1:30, then started to get hungry again. And of Course, everytime I've reached for a bite the phone rings...

Goal for this weekend: logging in both days so that my Monday entry isn't a novel :D

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Well, here I am. It's Saturday and I'm checking in :) Slept in until 10. So nice. Fell asleep last nice on the couch, fuzzy blanket, good book and a warm purring cat. Woke up and moved to my bed just before midnight, have no idea what time I actually went to sleep though. We're still a little egged out so...

M1: Sweet potato with coconut milk, blackberries and cinnamon. Also split an orange and kiwi with sis. Black coffee. Just 1 1/2 mugs. Mug here at home is smaller than work one.

Plan for today. Take down a few of the more seasonal items hanging on the porch (take advantage of the sunshine!) and work on continuing to make my personal space (bedroom) more inviting and peaceful Read as picked up and organized. I'm fine elsewhere, the rest of the office, my work space. But for some reason, since the days of being knee high to a grasshopper, my room is in a constant state of chaos.

midday: egg scramble with pork and broccoli, topped with onion heavy salsa. With some hot tea...um.

Evening: grd beef mixed in with cabbage/onion mix from last night. And just realized I didn't enter my Awesome dinner last night :) Grilled T-bone steaks (grass fed of course) rubbed with olive oil, salt, whit pepper and garlic. Grilled zucchini strips, pan cooked red onions (almost caramelized but not quite, didn't have the patience) with red cabbage, in coconut oil with caraway mixed in. Oh my god. Cats were like sharks, think the one would have grabbed the bone out of my hand if he could.

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