Prepping for a January Whole30 (starting Jan. 5th to February 3rd). My first was in September. I felt REALLY REALLY good for several weeks after - but then the kids' Halloween candy started my downfall. I've planned out my dinner menu (attached) except for the 3 days in February. I like to keep the sides a little more unplanned and decide closer to the day. However, I know this is a "plan" and part of that is knowing some days I may need to deviate. I did a ton of If/Then Planning with my first round and it was extremely helpful. If I don't feel like cooking what I have planned, then my backup meals are Whole30 Chicken Salad from, pan seared Pork with whatever veggies I have to roast, stir-fry over riced cauliflower, or dinner out at Chipotle. Other ways I've started prepping for the January Whole30 is getting back to drinking 80 ounces of water a day, paying attention to what I eat, and doing some workout videos; I want to incorporate exercise in to my Whole30 better than I did in September, and Tuesday (with two weeks' to Christmas day), I started some 2 Week Shred video on Youtube.