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Newbie! January 2020


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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Welcome!! In addition to Sharing here, I would encourage you to check out the other resources such as the @whole30recipes on Instagram and Facebook. There is usually a new recipe every day. EVERY DAY!! Plus there are so many great ones on our website Whole30.com. 

As far as cravings.. the best thing for me is truly analyzing if I’m hungry, board, sad, etc and having an honest convo with myself. Then I pour a bubbly/Waterloo/la croix in a wine glass and treat myself to a book/yoga/a walk. 

good luck! I know you will do great!

coach Melissa 

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Welcome and best wishes! Here are some of my favorite recipes. Unfortunately, they're not very simple but they're great for batch cooking so you can at least eat them for multiple meals! 

In general, Mel Joulwan and Paleo Running Momma are my favorite Whole30 recipe bloggers. 

For simple meals, don't be afraid of ingredient meals. Check out this post from Melissa Urban explaining how she puts together simple meals: 

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