Starting Round 1 of W30 on January 1st!

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It's almost here!!!

Starting my 1st round of W30 on January 1st with a coworker!  I've been researching and preparing.  I have 4 weeks of meals all planned out including grocery lists. Can't wait to get rid of my sugar cravings and to see if eliminating some of these things will help with my inflammation.

I'm 44 years old with 3 almost grown teenage girls. One is in college, one is a senior, and the other a junior! Stress is a constant in my life but I am working on it. 

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Congrats on your commitment to start January 1!  I've done three Whole30s, and my best advice is to PREPARE.  Make sure you have the right foods in the house and a menu plan for the day (if not the week) of meals.  Toss out all the crap so you won't be tempted.  If you go out to eat, check out the restaurant menu ahead of time and plan your meal, and don't be shy about asking the waitstaff to customize things for you (no butter on that fish).  So, with all that unsolicited advice, good luck to you!!!!!

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It’s almost here!  So exciting!  

I did my first W30 just after my youngest finished high school and my oldest was about to begin her second year of college. So I can somewhat relate to the stress level.  (And I can also say that the stress level has significantly decreased since then!). 

Keep a good snack in your purse. You can do this.  We will do this.  Right?  

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