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Here we go January! 1st time


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Hi Everyone!

Is a pleasure to finally arrived here, I was suscribing to the forum for making everything much more real and taking it seriously. In January I will start for the first time Whole30 and I am really motivated :)

My name is Laura and I am from Spain, I am entrepreneur and I am spending A LOT of hours in my desk sitting all the day, stress and eating not very good. That is why I was starting to gain and gain weight and feeling horrible with my body and health. This Christmas my boyfriend present to me the book (because I told him heheh) and I am pretty decided to change my life. Is time to do that and I deserve.

I will check the forum everyday looking for support, sharing my experiences and supporting others too!

Someone else is starting in January?

Someone already expert in whole30 want to share her secret weapons? :P

Best wishes,


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