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I finished


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I finished the Whole30 as prescribed.

I started the challenge feeling good, sleeping well, with no unusual medical issues. I wasn't eating a healthy diet and I knew it. I had read all about paleo and primal diets. I read works by Cordain and Wolf, Sisson and Sears and I knew what I needed to do, but I just never started. I used an organized challenge at my Crossfit affiliate as my "start now" signal and I decided to follow the Whole30 guidance.

I didn't overanalyze things. I just followed the basic rules of the Whole30.

The numbers are in: In 30 days I lost 12 pounds and my body fat percentage dropped from 28% to 23%. I lost 4 inches around my waist. My max pullups in 1 minute increased by 5 to 29. Max bench press (115#) in one minute also increased by 5 to 23. We used 'Fight Gone Bad' as a benchmark pre- and post-challenge workout. My score increased by 17.

So everything is improving.

Its been fun working within the wickets of the Whole30 and my meal planning and cooking have taken on a nice air of refreshment. Taking a close look at food labels and seeing, really seeing, what is in manufactured products has been enlightening.

So now I'm untethered. I've no grand plans yet on how or when make re-introductions of dairy, grain, sugar or legumes, but I suspect that they'll first sneak in in the form of sauces, condiments, and dressings.

I do feel as though I've crashed a party. I showed up here uninvited, brought nothing, took everything I could, and left with a prize. Thank you to the Hartwigs and all the moderators and others who provided so much.

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Two weeks later...........

I won! I mean literally, I won. I won the "Paleo Challenge" at my Crossfit box (I followed the W30 guidelines). Using some ultra-secret scoring method known only to a select few, the affiliate owner assessed anthropomorphic changes, daily food logs, and physical performance improvements to determine who was king caveman (or cavegirl). After all the hanging chads were examined I somehow emerged as the most peleolithic. My prize was a free month's membership and a yet-to-be delivered basket of produce from a local organic grocer.

To celebrate I buried myself in pizza, pasta, diet coke, and ice cream. Just kidding. I'm still eating compliant.

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