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I'm finished with Invisalign!  Last night the dentist removed the attachments on my teeth and now I only have to wear a retainer at night.  Yay!  My teeth are looking straighter than ever, and I love it!  Today is my first day not having to wear the plastic trays, which does make me feel more like snacking .... with the trays, it was too much of a bother to just have a little nibble of something, since I'd have to take the trays out, eat whatever, go brush my teeth and clean the trays, and put them back in.   Hopefully the "snacking freedom" novelty will quickly wear off, but in the meantime, I ate two dates and a small handful of pistachios this morning, and also sipped down three cups of coffee at my desk.  Not at all a "mini meal," but at least still compliant.  

While I'm logged in here, I'll post my Day 20 meals (yesterday):

M1 - Leftover egg/bacon/sweet potato/asparagus casserole, avocado.

M2 - Spinach salad with red peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, turkey lunchmeat, vinaigrette.  Also, a few leftover bacon-wrapped dates with almonds (which were a side dish with the pork carnitas I got at Cultured Caveman, and I forgot to mention I had three of those with dinner a couple nights ago).  

M3 - Chicken, dredge in almond flour, dipped in egg/mustard mix, then coated with pulverized cashews and fried, dipped in mix of mayo/spicy mustard, side of baked sweet potato with ghee.  

@BabyBear, I think there's a way to "embed" the photos into a post by linking to another website/platform where you have them stored, but it's a bit above my technical expertise and I haven't spent a lot of time trying to figure it out.  I tried to upload a photo to Instagram and then link it in my post (I think you do it by clicking "Insert other media" then "insert image from URL") but maybe bc my Instagram is private that didn't work.   

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Three days pre-W30.  Cleaned out fridge and pantry as best I could (my adult kids live with me so can’t really get rid of their non compliant stuff).   And went shopping to stock up on everything.   M

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With only a week to go, it feels like my resolve is waning.  I'm feeling uninspired in the kitchen and my boring meals are reflecting that. Be glad that I'm not posting photos anymore. :wacko:  A gooey pizza with lots of cheese and a cold beer sounds so good (which is exactly what so abruptly ended my second round). 

And making things worse, my daughter, who is generally my biggest support, quit her Dryuary tonight. :o I guess she and her work team had an especially stressful day and they all went to happy hour.  She texted this to me while I was in the grocery store trying to find some ready-to-eat compliant dinner.  It was so tempting (especially after her text, and an unusually long commute home) to just grab a tray of sushi and a bottle of wine.  But I didn't.  New Seasons has a very nice deli counter, and I got some marinated tri-tip steak, some sort of cauliflower/olive dish that looked good, and sesame green beans.  All of it compliant, except some canola oil in the steak and cauliflower dishes (which both also had olive oil, so hopefully the canola oil is a small amount).  And I walked right on past the wine aisle.  

I'm sticking with it, but feeling pretty weak.  It even occurred to me after I got home that I could run up to the corner store and buy just a little can of wine (they do have a very nice selection of canned wine ... LOL!).   It just somehow sounds comforting to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and the fire going, something mellow on TV while zoning out on my phone.  But I'm SOOOOO close (we're all so close, right?) - I just need to manage one more week, or for now, just one more evening. 

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We are so close yet so far from the end. I had to go recipe surfing to get inspired for next week.  I cruised through some of the logs on here and then hopped over to Instagram and Pinterest... then I bought the Whole 30 slow cooker book on my kindle. I probably have enough new recipes to last another two months.  I will say this though, the next few days will include chicken nuggets, burgers, and bang bang shrimp. My son had pizza last night and it nearly did me in, but that’s when I decided to buy the cook book.  Which I made a roast from it today and it did not disappoint.  Dig deep!  You can see this through to the end.

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It's over, folks.  Kind of.  I made a deliberate and considered decision last night to go off plan. 

It was my son's 26th birthday, and I took him and my daughter out for a very nice dinner.  I've been thinking about how I was going to approach this dinner since before I started this round, contemplating whether I'd go off plan and have a glass of wine.  While we do eat out often, we only splurge to this degree a couple times a year (if that) -- $42 for a filet mignon is definitely a special occasion dinner!   Anyhow, I decided in the end to have a couple glasses of red wine (shared a bottle),  Then I saw that the filet came with whipped potatoes and garlic butter.  I asked if they could bring the butter on the side, thinking I would only have it if I felt like the potatoes and/or steak would be greatly improved with it.  But the waitress told me there was also dairy in the whipped potatoes.  So I said what the heck, and just went for it -- put the dang butter on top of the steak as it's intended!  And IT WAS SO GOOD.  And then we had a "foofy" cocktail after dinner (the place is known for its variety of martinis).  I had a Manhattan ("small batch bourbon with a dash of bitters and a hint of cherry juice" - I tossed the cherry garnish). 

So - two glasses of wine, one bourbon, and butter are my ultimate demise.   And I don't regret it.  It was an awesome dinner and we had a really good time. 

I guess my "well behaved" parts of dinner were that I didn't have even a taste of my son's dessert (although, I'm not generally a dessert person and don't struggle with the sugar dragon much), and the steak/potatoes/zucchini was probably the most compliant thing on the menu (but I would have picked it no matter what, since filet mignon is my fav).  

I plan to remain W30 for the next five days, so mine will be an imperfect W30, but it was a fairly perfect W24.5.  I'm reading FFF right now, and hope to do a better job with reintroductions next week than I have in the past.  



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The FFF book is amazing!  It has been so good, and thought provoking.

Ooh Filet Minion covered in butter, I’ll take two please.  I’m glad you enjoyed your dinner celebration with your family.  I’m lucky we have no big celebrations in January to wrestle with.  I will have my anniversary weekend with the hubby during reintro so I’m using what I am learning in FFF to decide how I want that to look for me.

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