Today is my Day 1!


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Hi there! My name is Jessica and I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and my 4 dogs. I decided to start my second round of Whole 30 today instead of Wednesday because I don't have any NYE plans (I work in marketing for a large retail company and we don't have NYE off), and it just feels better to start on a Monday. So here I am! I loved using the journal forum during my last round, and have already started it up again. Follow my journey here: 

I had originally planned on starting on Jan. 1st with everyone else but then changed my mind, hence the misleading journal title. If anyone knows how I can change that, please let me know! Anywho - I prepped last weekend and feel like I'm ready to go today. Excited to meet all of you and support each other!  

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Hey girl!

i started yesterday as well! Day two is pretty exhausting. I am a whole11er meaning I only did while 30 once and only made it to the infamous day 11. I have learned a lot since then so hoping I can get through. 

I would love to hear your journey as you go! I’m from Texas and have 2 cats! 


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