First timer starting January 2!

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Still going strong. Today was a little difficult. A cocktail upon completion of my day would have been nice, and I had a craving for one for about 10 minutes. It subsided. I'm challenged because my food planning didn't work out as well as I would like. My local grocery store didn't have a bunch of proteins I was hoping to get, so I'm scrambling more than I'd like, and this week is probably the busiest work week of my year (all of my clients except one have a major conference next week, and the one that doesn't is having its sales meeting with which I have some involvement).

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So, the Whole 30 book says Days 10-11 are the days on which the majority of people who quit their Whole 30 are most likely to quit, and I am definitely feeling that today. I'm NOT quitting, and I WON'T quit, but my cravings are really testing me today, and particularly my sugar craving.  

How do you guys push through days like this? I had some chopped dates to try to soothe the sugar beast, and the natural sweetness in the dates helped. But what I really want is an Oreo, lol! Open to any and all suggestions of things I can try to keep this at bay or to tell my body it IS getting something sweet and to chill out. THANK YOU!!

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Good luck, @sowandreap! Let us know how you get on.

@AmyG74 - I felt very down on Day 10 too. I think in the first few days I lost some bloat and I had lots of enthusiasm, then by Day 10 I just didn't feel like anything was changing. I was also really tired which may have had more to do with coming back to work after the holidays than the food I was eating.

I'm on Day 16 now and feeling pretty good. I'm eating some really weird stuff (keema curry for breakfast yesterday, spicy chicken livers and sweet potato for breakfast today!) but I am enjoying trying new recipes and having lots of variety. I am trying to steer clear from as much sweet stuff as possible, even if it is compliant, to break the habit. All I've had really is the odd banana, peppermint and liquorice tea and sometimes melon with chaat spices. I've had issues with binge eating in the past and I can't believe how much more in control I feel - it makes me wonder if I had hit some sort of spiral of feeding the cravings because I'm really not finding it that hard to turn sweet things down at the moment. 

I've had the odd craving but often for very odd things. I spent two days last week dying for some porridge!! But I am eating very well indeed and can't really complain. 

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Cravings - yesterday I made a pizza for the grandgirls and it was my first actual craving and temptation (besides wine).  I could taste it in my mouth!  But, I prevailed.  Physically walking out of the kitchen, outside, and just breathing helped.  Just now starting to feel less bloated and I love it.

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