Whole30 Round 3 Journal


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Hello my name is Brianna and I am doing my third Whole30, I only made it to day 11 the first time around. And last January I only made it a few days but was having bad gastrointestinal issues last year. I am optimistic. I have learned so much and have been following all the major Whole30 instagrams for a year and a half. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks - this is always hard the first week. 

I noticed another person was doing a type of journal on here and figured that would be fun! I am on day 2 and boy I am the most exhausted I have ever been on day 2. It’s sort of like a calm exhaustion. I find myself researching a lot on my phone about random things! Figured I could do something beneficial and journal about today. If anyone has tips for me please share! I will be journaling my meals too. 

Day 2: I added more potato’s in today because last night I started feeling light headed with my side and chest hurting  I thought maybe it was the deficit of carbs from day 0 to day 1. I ate a bunch of carbs I had in the fridge to get rid of them the day before. Today I was thinking I might have eaten my meals to fast yesterday and that was the reason for the side pain. This is why I figured I would eat a bit more just these first few days then eat more veggies  

Breakfast: 2.5 eggs, 3 Pederson sausage links and some hash browns (ghee). Handful of raspberries. Coffee with coconut milk and collagen peptides. 
- I had a banana sometime around 12 because I was intensely researching a Europe trip

lunch: bison burger patty with complaint ketchup/mustard , mixed greens with tomato and onion, side of roasted potatoes  

dinner: (currently eating slowly for some reason) salmon w/ ghee, asparagus, more potato’s (I know but trying to problem solve). 
- about to sip on my natural calm unflavored magnesium but keep worrying it’s not compliant even though the ingredients are (Anxiety can be hard) 


feeling exhausted. I will add more tomorrow  I hope I sleep better tonight



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Hi Brianna, 

If you scroll down a little way in the Forums, in the "Community" section there's a place for "Your Whole30 Log".  It's my favorite part of the forums, reading through other folks' logs for inspiration and a sense of community.  

Hope that helps! 


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