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My Second First Whole30

Nan McG

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In January 2014 I completed my first Whole30.  It was the first time I ever stuck with a diet protocol to the "end," and although I didn't do all the things -- I didn't work out, I cheated and weighed in a couple of times, I indulged in a few technically-compliant treats, etc. -- it changed my life and my relationship with food.  For about the next five years I did a lot of n=1 experimenting.  I didn't get thin, but my health got better and better.  

Then, in February 2019 I admitted to my doctor that I was frustrated with my very slow weight loss (about 15 pounds total in all those years) and was treated to a tirade of "It's-all-about-calories-in-calories-out" and "You-just-need-to-exercise-more" and "Tell-me-your're-not-one-of-those-bacon-worshipping-keto-crazies" etc.  And it really got into my head. I spent the past year alternating between thinking anything I eat is okay "in moderation" and being afraid of everything I eat.  I did greatly increase the amount and type of exercising I do, and I like that.  But here I am, back where I started six years ago, at exactly the same weight, and convinced I just don't know what I'm doing.

So I'm starting another Whole30.  The reason I call it my second first Whole30 is because everything I have learned in the past six years is going to make this a different Whole30 than the one I experienced in 2014.  This time I will be working out.  I will not touch my weight scale.  I will journal and do meal planning and take advantage of all the tools and motivation this community has to offer.  And I will not obsess about missing my daily hits of sugar and Diet Pepsi because I killed those addictions long ago.  It's time to take back my power.

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