Goats Butter - Can I have?


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Hi, newbie here - I can't have cows milk/butter/cheese but can manage on goats milk/butter/cheese. I had never heard of clarified butter or gee before reading the book. Can you get clarified goats butter & how do you know if the butter is salted or not - for reference I'm in the UK. Thank you.

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I have not done it, but googling clarified goat butter shows some for sale and at least one recipe that says you can (here: http://www.pennilessparenting.com/2014/11/how-to-make-homemade-ghee-from-cow.html?m=1).

As for knowing if it's salted or unsalted, butter in the US says on the label, and should have an ingredient list that includes salt if it is salted -- do they not do this in the UK?  The main issue with making ghee or clarified butter from salted butter is that it can concentrate the salt and you end up with really salty ghee.

It's also worth noting that you can definitely do whole30 with no ghee or clarified butter at all, just substitute whatever cooking oil works best for what you're doing. For most cooking, olive, avocado, or coconut oil works well. For searing something, because it's such a high temperature, you may need to use clarified butter or an oil with a high smoke point, you might Google your options if that comes up to see what compliant options are available near you.

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