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Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020


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6:30 up to change baby and back to bed

9:30 baby and I get up.  Get him pottied and fed and time to work out.

9:45 exercise: 1 hr 15 min - 30 min BB post natal yoga; 15 min Natalie Hodson Abs, Core and Pelvic floor week 1; 20 min Natalie Hodson Stronger Together Week 1 day 2 blue; 10 min stretching

I decided to add in the Abs Core and Pelvic floor to continue healing my pelvic floor muscles.  I saw a lot of improvement when I started these and I realize although my diastasis recti is nearly completely healed my pelvic floor still has some work I need to do.  

Pelvic Floor exercise-endurance3 sets 10 sec hold
Pelvic floor exercises - strength 3 sets 10 reps
Lying overhead reach 3 sets 10 reps
Glute Bridge 2 sets 10 reps
Knee to chest 2 sets 20 reps
Modified bird Dog 2 sets 20 reps
Modified cat cow 2 sets 10 reps
Sit to stand 2 sets 10 reps

2 sets per circuit
Circuit 1
10 Step overs 
20 Ab Bicycles
Circuit 2 
10 reps Thruster 10lbs
20 Alternating jack knifes
Circuit 3
10 squats
10 woodchops
Circuit 4
20 step ups
10 lying overhead extensions 5lbs

In the words of Rick Flair Wooooooooooooo! Baby I did it.  I had to go out in the rain to do the step ups because I had nothing sturdy enough in the house to step up on.  May need to by a step block.

11:20 M1: 2 eggs scrambled with salt pepper and basil cooked in bacon fat, 2 sausage links, apple 1Tbs peanut butter.

Reflection on peanut butter.  Once upon a time I was a peanut butter junky.  Then 11 years ago I had one of the most beautiful amazing little boys and he was born with multiple food allergies that I learned about along the way.  One of those was peanuts… good bye fluff a nutters, Reese’s cups, PB&Js, peanut pad Thai, trail mix, peanut butter pie, peanut butter and apples, peanuts at restaurants and ball games, peanut butter cookies, and all the other things I grew up loving.  Possible contamination was just to risky to even keep it in my house and eat it off a spoon after putting him to bed.  I lived without it for nearly 9 years.  I have recently allowed peanut butter back into our household with some very strict rules for the PB eaters.  I also trust him now to know not to touch it let alone eat it.  So it is almost a ridiculously good treat to have a little peanut butter in my life.  What I find though is I would have been just as content with my almond butter.  I didn’t bother to buy unsweetened PB for a tablespoon try… so it was super sweet, almost over powering.  Plus the apples were my favorite honey crisp and they didn’t need any added anything. Although the peanut butter tasted good it wasn’t something I would want or need all the time.  

11:45 my nose is running … hmmmm a histamine reaction I believe.
12:00 throat clearing due to nasal drip down the throat.  

12:45 S1: 1/2 slice of my son’s Daiya cheese pizza.  

This was an impromptu testing of legumes. It has rice flour but the rest including the cheese is made up of legume flours and starches except for soy.

1:00 my nose is running again.... starting to see a pattern here.  I’m not even going to bother with beans, I already know my body doesn’t like them and neither does my mouth.  I will use braggs liquid aminos tonight for a recipe instead of coconut aminos to test fermented soy.  

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Wow - great reactions to notice! I think I reacted to Canola Oil when I was doing my reintro. Never occurred to me that that might be an issue, but with a clean system, you sure do notice things. I like the Daiya cheeses, but I haven't looked at their ingredients too much -legume flours?! Bummer!


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RI Day 5 cont - Legumes

1:30 I’ve got a crazy boost of energy and I’m being productive! Yeah!

4:30 S1: 1/2 bowl of heart of palm noodles and meat spaghetti sauce

I was getting hangry so I put something in my belly.  It was delicious and it helped.  After which I finished a few house projects and got the kitchen cleaned up from yesterday when I didn’t feel well. 

8:00 M2: pressure cooker Mongolian beef with broccoli over cauliflower rice and peas with clarified butter.  

The Mongolian beef recipe is really tasty, but I don’t add all the sugar it makes it too sweet and instead of soy sauce I use braggs liquid aminos, and  arrowroot powder to thicken as corn is one of the things my 11 yr DS cannot have.  This recipe is good when you make adjustments to be compliant too, just sub coconut aminos for the soy sauce omit the sugar and use arrowroot starch to thicken.  I used the Braggs liquid amino as that is the only soy product I use and I typically steer clear of other soy products especially those not properly fermented.  I also had peas as that is one of the other few legumes I eat willingly.  I decided not to test chick peas because honestly I rarely eat them or hummus so if that comes up later in life than I’ll make notes then but for now I’m not too worried about getting those in today.  

9:00 and no runny nose or clearing of the throat like earlier today when I had legume based products.  

Dishes done, lunches packed and my man should be home soon.  I so excited to see him.  I have missed him ever so much.


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RID 6 (2/5) - Compliant

6:45: drag myself out of bed.  Get baby up to potty change and bottle him and put him back to bed.  My am appt canceled… well they decided to meet online over the phone.  It was so tempting to crawl back in bed and snuggle up with my hubby, but I have a work out I want/must do. It was hard to get moving this morning but that may because I stayed up really late to greet my hubby when he arrived home. I was so happy to get to wrap my arms, legs and lips around him.  I think he was happy to be home too. *blush and giggle*  So ready or not day here I come. But first I’ll start the dishwasher and a load of laundry because I’m procrastinating.

7:15 Exercise: 45 min - 30 min BB prenatal yoga; 15 min NHST week 1 day 3 Blue

3 circuits 
10 reps Sit to stand
10 reps hip lifts on balance ball
10 reps glute bridge with hold
10 reps forward toe touches (arms were shoulder level go me)
10 reps stationary lunges

I didn’t finish until 8:15 because of interruptions by the baby and then the hubby, but that’s okay.  It was just a little more spread out but I still finished.  Rebooted the laundry and started bacon cooking and went to get dressed  for the day. NSV I’m down another belt hole.  Why does this surprise me?  It’s like I expected all positive progress to just stop just because I’m no longer using the tag #januarywhole30 I’m pleased with the progress of my reintro.  

8:45 M1: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon, LO hash browns with a little W30 ketchup, a bunch of wilted spinach and 4 pieces of fresh pineapple.  

My plate definitely looked more balance this morning.  I’m working on paying attention to my plate balance rather than just trying to not put compliant food on it.  Breakfast was delicious and I was hungry.  I stayed mindful and checked in often to be sure I wasn’t eating past the full point.  That is how the pineapple ended up on my plate at the end because I wasn’t quite there.  The pineapple was a nice finishing touch.  I noticed my need for salt is decreasing.  I’m actually reducing the amount of salt I’m using just because my taste buds demand it.  I’ve never been one to worry about my salt in take… and I’m not worry now, my taste buds are saying less salt so I’m obliging.  It could be with the sugar removed I’m appreciating the taste of food more and more and don’t need the salt to mask the missing sugar.  So maybe that’s an NSV too.

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Huge NSV naturally reducing the salt and being able to focus on the balance. In contrast to me right now where I'm about no balance and lots of salt....the difference is huge. You do sound so good and healthy and upbeat. It's great!

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1 hour ago, Amy_Michigan said:

That Mongolian beef over cauliflower rice and butter sounds sooo delicious.  Definitely going to stash that away for my reintro.  Thanks for sharing how it could be made w30 compliant!  I really should buy some coconut aminos..

You could totally make it without the amino acids, just add 1 cup of water or 1/2 c water and 1/2 c beef broth and then some salt.  It would still taste good just probably not as rich.  The browning of the meat will give you a nice brown color to the sauce.

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Just now, Emma said:

Huge NSV naturally reducing the salt and being able to focus on the balance. In contrast to me right now where I'm about no balance and lots of salt....the difference is huge. You do sound so good and healthy and upbeat. It's great!

I think the Tiger blood everyone always talks about is finally trickling into my veins :lol:

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RI Day 6 (2/5) cont

12:30 M2: half a bowl of heart of palm noodles and meat sauce, plate of mixed leafy greens drizzled with the “chick-fil-a” sauce from 40aprons.com

Oh that sauce is so good.  It does a beautiful job of dressing up greens.  I loved me some honey mustard on my salads and well everything else.  This sauce though it’s not sweet has a nice twang to it alleviating that small whole in my heart where honey mustard once stood.  Seriously though it is good, like put it on all the things good.  Okay enough about my condiment.  I wasn’t hungry hungry but I felt the hunger creeping in so I made a smaller meal it would have been more of a snack except for the large salad.  
I’m so glad I’m able to work from home today because the weather is nasty!!! Like put on a big sweater and thick lodge socks and curl up with a good book nasty.   I’m managing to be very productive today, which is good.  Sometimes at home I let way to many other things distract me.  I decided to leave the breakfast dishes until lunch and I did those along with the very few lunch dishes in a flash.  The boys also helped with putting away clean dishes and rebooting laundry.  Baby has been super easy today, and no accidents because he has been taking himself potty (he’s also running around with his bottoms off, baby nudity while potty training doesn’t count). 

4:30 S1 - honey crisp apple and almond butter

Something about using my brain makes me hungry.  I shared a honey crisp apple and what was left of the almond butter (about 1.5 Tbs with 11 yr DS). It was tasty and refreshing.  I had to go pick up our 17 yr DS from his granny/mom which got me out and a little break.  It’s not often I get one on one time with him.  We had a good conversation about things going on in his life, food and exercise.  He’s on a big exercise kick right now which is fueled by his new fund love of running and track.  I’m glad he’s found something he really enjoys.  

I may make a cake tonight with my aunts pan I borrowed.  This way I don’t return a pan empty, plus I know she will love the cake.  I just have to make sure I’m very mindful of my hands and where I clean them off at… my towel not my lips.  I do love to bake especially when others enjoy it for me. 

I made the cake.  It was a good practice in self control and practicing my food freedom choices.  My house smells heavenly…. Of chocolate and caramel and toffee oh my.  Honestly I really don’t want it, but I so enjoyed making it! I’ll deliver it to my Aunt tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my anniversary, and normally our day is packed on Thursday but our stuff was canceled due to the flu going around and weather.  So I get to stay home! 

7:30 M3- LO sweet and sour chicken and cauliflower rice

This storm has been pretty bad all day.  I’m thankful for a good roof and a safe place to harbor as the storms rage on outside.  

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RI Day 7 (2/6) - compliant and wedding Anniversary!!!

4:00 am up with baby.  Diaper bottle back to bed.
6:15 am up with baby potty, diaper bottle back to bed
8:00am up with baby. Potty feed him put him in his play are with a show and get the big boys up to watch over him and start school and I went back to bed.  I could have stayed up but it’s my anniversary and I just wanted to snuggle with my hubby a bit longer.

10:30 up for real for real this time. Checked on everyone and jumped into my workout.

10:45 exercise: 50 min - 30 min BB postnatal yoga.  20 min NHST week 1 day 4 blue. 
2 sets per circuit
Circuit 1
20 Russian twists - 10lb
20 PU position knees to elbows 
Circuit 2
40 second plank
20 JJs
Circuit 3
10 Sitting V in and outs
20 high knee March (hands chest level)
Circuit 4
20 Lying alternating pike toe touches
20 step ups with kick backs

Why must it rain on days I have to do step ups... I need a step for inside.

2:00 M1: LO hasbrowns bacon and turkey luncheon meat fried up as hash with a mixed green salad with tomatoes and “chick-fil-a” sauce.  

I wasn’t done exercising until almost 12:15 due to several interruptions. I was starting to fix lunch when I got the message that I had to go pick 17 yr DS as his class was finished and the rest of the school is out due to the flu.  I ended up having to go the long way around to get him due to the bridge being flooded.  That was a lot of water and rain to overflow that bridge. It turned a 20 minute round trip drive into nearly 40 min round trip drive.  I put baby down for a nap and finally it was time for me to eat.  What to eat what to eat.  I have a hodge podge of things to finish off before heading out of town this weekend. I had planned to have turkey BLT rollups… but when I saw the hash browns in the fridge I decided hash with bacon and turkey sounded good.  And it was! Oh and that sauce! 

8:00 M2 - Cajun chicken Alfredo over steamed broccoli and spaghetti squash

Oh my foodness!  Step aside Olive Garden because you ain’t got nuttin’ on this sauce!  I needed some inspiration on what to do with all the left over spaghetti squash when I came across a recipe from Paleorunningmomma for chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash and the sauce was whole 30 compliant. What! What!
  I had everything but the nutritional yeast, so I made a pit stop at the store to pick some up while I was in town mailing off packages for the hubby.  While All the big kids and hubby went to the movies tonight, I set to work on making this surprisingly easy recipe.  I added my own twist… sigh, we have a little sports bar in town that makes really good Cajun chicken Alfredo, and I do miss it ever so much.  So I decided to use Cajun seasoning to season the chicken.  Then after I cooked the chicken while it rested I poured the Alfredo sauce in the pan I cooked the chicken in to give it a little bit of that buttery Cajun flavor from left over clarified butter and seasonings that were in the pan.  Oh boy did that take it up a notch.  This recipe is a must try if you love creamy garlicky cheesy sauce (minus the cheese).  Yum!!!!!



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You are doing such an amazing job. Up at four am with the baby. Oye. It's so exhausting. And then your drive. And the school was closed due to the flu? That's a lot of flu!  The recipe sounds fantastic. I opened it up on a tab and will plan to pick up cashews this weekend.

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RI Day 8 (2/7) - Dairy

9:00 snow! It snowed and stuck last night, it’s pretty.  I hope this doesn’t wreak havoc on our plans.  Get baby up going and feed him.  start getting boys packed up and read to go to my moms.  I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.  I need to focus on one thing at a time to make some traction.

Ugh I’m out of eggs and didn’t get to my SIL to pick some up.  My hubby is the best he braved Walmart in the midst of the snow panic and brought me home some organic eggs.  He also asked what was wrong he said I seemed off.  He is rarely wrong so I took a few minutes to take inventory.  I realized that he was right and I had so been looking forward to this weekend and I have been feeling like the snow was putting it in jeopardy.  I talked to my hubby about it and he decided snow or not we would get the boys to my mom and go from there.  He assured that whatever we do we will make this weekend about us.  

12:15 M1 - 3 eggs cooked in butter.  Topped with a slice of American cheese. Handful of grapes

I decided to go forward with some dairy today.  I am not having milk or cream or ice cream I already know those things destroy my gut and I want to enjoy my weekend.  But I did decide to reintroduce butter  and cheese as those are things I deeply miss.  Cheese on my eggs oh how glorious!  Oh it was delectable.  Now I wait and be mindful of my body to acknowledge if any reactions.  

On my way home from dropping off boys and my hubby suggested I go get a pedicure.  I brushed it off at first because honestly I hate spending money on me.  I had a thousand reasons why I should not go, but on the hour drive home somewhere along the way I changed my mind.  I decided it would be an act of kindness towards me because I’m trying to actively practice being kind to me.  So I’m sitting in a chair my feet soaking and my back being kneaded by a massage chair. I’m so grateful for my hubby and how he encourages me to be kind to me.  Ha ha I just got a phone call from hubby asking if I was okay I was like yeah I’m at the mall and he said I know.  I look up to see him in the entry way of the salon waving at me.  I accused him of being a stalker. He said he probably is a little when it comes to me.  He’s hanging about so we can go to a nice steak house in a town about 30 min away.  It’s mom and pop but it is super nice and fantastic food.  And I’m  in jeans and a T-shirt oh and boots due to the little bit of snow and a whole lot of mud.  Oh well he don’t care so I won’t let it bother me.  

7:45 M2 - 6oz Steak 4 grilled shrimp, house salad with homemade honey mustard dressing (my big splurge tonight) and baked potato with real butter sour cream and cheddar cheese.  

I couldn’t have picked a better day to reintroduce dairy! Granted I would have been just as content to have brought my own condiments for my potato and salad… well I dunno the honey mustard is amazing.  Their salads are always so fresh and crisp.  They even tossed a few more cukes and tomatoes on the salad when I asked them to hold the croutons.  My husband offered me some of his side of Mac and cheese which is typically my weakest link. I simply said no thank you I haven’t reintroduced gluten yet so I’m not going to take you up on it tonight.  We had a wonderful dinner talking business, children, the past, the future and about anything else that came to mind.  We laughed a lot even cried a little too. I’m definitely a better me with him around.  

11:50 So far the only things I have noticed is I had a little mucus in the back of my throat that caused me to clear my throat two or three times.  The food feels a little heavy in my stomach and I feel like I have a little bit of bloating.  Overall though I still feel great and I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner with no guilt.  

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Happy anniversary weekend!   Glad you are getting the chance to enjoy it.  Love reading how you seemed to easily turn down the mac n cheese offer.  The eggs with cheese on them sounded wonderful and so did your dinner.  Hope you feel good tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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RI Day9 (2/8) - Compliant

10:10 exercise:50 min - 30 min BB Prenatal Yoga; 20 min NHST 1 circuit 3 times
10 reps Shoulder press 5lbs
10 reps Lateral raises 2lbs
10 reps Bent over reverse fly 2 lbs
10 reps Frontal raises 2lbs
10 reps Thrusters 10lbs
10 reps Overhead triceps extensions 5lbs

My shoulder is definitely healing and getting stronger.  I could not have used weights for most of these movements a month ago.  I also noticed during the yoga that the place where shoulder locks up has released some.  So that is a huge NSV in my books.  Oh and my toes were very pretty to look at during my down dog, so my pretty toes made the yoga workout a little more enjoyable.  

I sorta wanted to stay snuggled up next to the hubby but I’m glad I got up and got my work out done.  I missed yesterday and for whatever reason I forget about it by evening time. 

I realized this morning that my stomach never got sick from the food last night.  In the past when I’ve gone to this restaurant it would mean an upset stomach and not pleasant things going on in the bathroom.  I did not experience that this time.  I also did not get the shrimp cheese dip or eat any bread or have any gluten of any kind.  I used to think it was the seasoning or the salad that was causing the issues…. Very eye opening in deed.  I feel a little more mucous in my nose and throat then normal but I’m not stuffy or clearing my throat so it is very minimal unlike with the legumes.  

I’m back to compliant foods today, and will begin considering gluten intro for Tuesday.  

1:00 M1 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, sautéed spinach and home fries with garlic and Italian seasoning fried in bacon fat.  

Oh baby if this is good I don’t want to be bad!  My brunch was shut your mouth slap your grandma good! 

Well shoot! When I was taking a shower after my workout I noticed a pimple on my booby.  I’m sure this was the dairy’s doing.  

Movie with my man! Such a fun way to spend our afternoon.  I passed up the popcorn, so glad I got food in me before we went.  

5:00 M2 - Chicken breast, green beans and cole slaw.  

Dinner at home and veging out on the couch with Netflix.  No kids at home equals naked movie night *grinning*

It’s been a fabulous day with my hubby.  Going to top it all off with a long hot bubble bath.

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What a great day! And so fun the things you're noticing. There's a restaurant we like and I didn't realize till after my last Whole30 that I usually left feeling icky and it was the oils they use in their food. Now I can go and request things cooked in olive oil and everything is okay. Pretty revolutionary for me! Your NSV's and your yoga is awesome!

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RI Day 10 - compliant 

9:45 awake up and taking it slow this morning.

10:15 exercise: 30 min BB Prenatal yoga

I considered picking another routine, but I decided I wanted the ease of the familiarity.  I looked at my log for the past 10 days and my average heart beat during my work out has gradually dropped from 105 to 90.  I feel a lot of improvement in my form, flexibility, and strength.  I am very encouraged to already see improvement in these areas.  

12:00 M1 - LO sweet and sour chicken with broccoli

Ugh sometimes my brain frustrates me.  I caught myself down playing my success so far in this whole 30/food freedom journey.  I was belittling the 20lbs I’ve lost because it feels like a drop in the bucket compared to what I have left.  I rebuked myself and the negative thoughts.  Then I decided to carry around my 2 10lb dumbbells for a little while as I did things around the house.  Those things got heavy quick and when I set them down I felt free and so much lighter.  20lbs is a lot of weight to have released from my body.  Working moment by moment to change my mindset and learn to live in food freedom.

6:00 M2: lemon pepper grilled chicken, steamed veggies, side salad with olive oil and lemons

We went out to a favorite spot tonight, it’s a mom and pop sports bar and grill and it’s quiet tonight with no big games on.  We enjoyed our dinner out.  

NSVs - I’ve  gone down another belt hole! That’s the last hole on my new belt.  How crazy is that!  I put on a shirt that my hubby bought me a while back but it was a ladies T and way to form fitting so I never wore it.  I wore it tonight!  I walked around the house this weekend on our staycation in my birthday suite.  Ha we both did, it was great.  Here’s the thing I wouldn’t have done that back in December.  I would have wore a big t shirt, but I’m now feeling comfortable enough in my own skin to bare all in front of the hubby with nothing to hide behind.  I think something as simple as being comfortable in nothing around hubby made our weekend that much more enjoyable and intimate.  

I have so enjoyed our anniversary weekend.  Even though we didn’t get to go out of town due to weather it was still wonderful and my hubby was fantastic to keep things all about us.   Oh and I’m pretty sure I squealed like a little girl when he said he noticed there were some appliance things on the Amazon list and wanted to know which one I wanted because he wanted to get it for me… the appliances he was referring to were the air friers I was researching.  He got me the one I really really liked but was a little more expensive than all the others.  But not only does it air fry, broil, and bake, it also is a toaster oven, dehydrator, and rotisserie with a 12qt capacity!  I was in happy tears.  It should be here Wednesday and I’ve been busy dreaming of recipes to try in it.  He seems to enjoy spoiling me.  He is good for me in that he helps me be okay and sometimes forces me to spend money here and there rather than making due with what I have.  I guess it takes both to make the relationship work… he is a spender and I am definitely the saver.  So we are good for each other in that aspect.  

Our last night before we head back to the real world.  We have a busy week and he will be traveling this week and then next so I’m really glad we made the time for just us this weekend.  It was a much needed break from reality, not to mention how much our relationship benefited from our weekend together.    

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Twenty pounds is A LOT to have released from your body. I also love that release word because it's more accurate than lost. Five pounds is a LOT, but I am usually just as quick to belittle that until I see images of what it looks like.

Your weekend sounds wonderful and your husband sounds wonderful as well. Glad you got to spend some good time together (and for you to feel more comfortable - sighing - isn't it sad that so many of us can probably relate!!)


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Yay, you are so lucky!  I can't even seem to fit an immersion blender in my budget (arn't the cheap ones like $25?) because I always seem to put other things ahead of cooking appliances.  I accidentally just put a bunch of new cracks in my plastic Ninja blender I got back in 2009.  Who knew hot soup would do that???  Okay, I kind of knew it was a possibility, and I know it is bad to put boiling liquids in plastic (eek), but I really didn't want to wait for the soup to cool down.  So before I can even think of pressure cookers, instant pots, and air fryers, unfortunately I need a new blender and an immersion blender.  I can't wait to see all of the new recipes you make with the multi-purpose air fryer, though!  

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RI Day 11 (2/10) - compliant

8:30 - got up started dish washer and laundry now to exercise

9:00 exercise - 40 min BB Cize with Shaun T.  Crazy 8 

So I decided to step outside the comfort zone today and try a dance exercise.  Once I got past how awkward I probably looked because I can’t keep a beat and I don’t have them loosy goosy hips and upper body you see in hip hop dance, I actually had fun and I have to say I worked up a sweat!  I’ll shower when I get back because I’m sneaking  out to go get my hubby his favorite breakfast to surprise him with breakfast in bed.  I thought that would be a nice ending to a great weekend.  

He was so surprised by his breakfast. Even though it was an amazing weekend we both agreed we are missing the kids.  So I got ready to go and tossed a roast in the crockpot for dinner when we get home tonight.  While I’m in the big city I scheduled a client so I will be headed there after picking up the boys.  It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks but I feel like I am ready for it physically and emotionally.  

12:30 S1 - rxbar

Oops totally forgot in all my excitement about getting breakfast for my hubby and going to get kids I forgot to grab food for me.  Luckily I had an emergency Rxbar in my glove compartment of my truck.   So it’s not ideal but it’s also not my old response of panic mode I need food hit the closest drive through.  

My client offered me a coconut water and I decided to take her up on it.  It’s compliant but I just haven’t had anything besides water with the occasional lime or lemon thrown in since I started my whole 30 in January.  This was really terrific coconut water, but wow have my taste buds changed because it was tasting super sweet.  Normally I find coconut water fairly bland tasting and always had to add pineapple juice to make it palatable.  

8:30 M1 - pot roast with butternut squash

I got home put baby to bed, put food in my belly and then wen to bed.  

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1 hour ago, BabyBear said:

Oops totally forgot in all my excitement about getting breakfast for my hubby and going to get kids I forgot to grab food for me.  Luckily I had an emergency Rxbar in my glove compartment of my truck.   So it’s not ideal but it’s also not my old response of panic mode I need food hit the closest drive through.  

Great job not hitting the drive through and being prepared!  I know that is going to be my biggest challenge post-whole30.

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RI Day 12 (2/11) - Gluten

7:50 up dragging but up.  Get baby up changed pottied and fed.  Started a load of laundry.  Clean up the the skate stuff hubby was working on last night so I can work out

8:30 Exercise 35 min - 15 min BB cize it up crazy 8, crazy 8 abs, crazy 8 cool down. 20 min NHST week 2 day 1 blue.

Circuit 1 x 3
10 reps Bicep Curls 5lbs
10 reps Bent over Row 5lbs
10 reps Counter level Push-up
10 reps Tricep Dip with foot support
60 sec Plank on knees

Omg the cize it up Abs try to kill me.  Lol it didn’t help my 11 yr DS watched the whole time and was certain to point out when I was modifying or just dying.  I love him dearly but if this continues he’s gonna find his butt on the floor doing these with me.  In fact I made him do the last circuit of the strength training with me.  He finished and said how on earth did you do that three times.  That’s right buddy Your momma is s Boss!

9:15 M1- 2 eggs, a large bunch of spinach sautéed, LO home fries, home made ketchup, clarified butter over the home fries.  And a biscuit with clarified butter and strawberry preserves.  

My mind about went bonkers when I pulled the biscuits out of the freezer.  There were only 4 left in the bag.  I about had myself convinced to make all four. NO! Hold your horses little lady.  This sounds like a food with no brakes.  I made two.  One for me and one for the baby.  I put the other two in the freezer.  My brain said what if the 13 yr DS wants one? I told myself then I will cook him one, but I’m not going to have extra biscuits lying around with you acting like this.  

10:15 I can feel mucous building up in the back of my throat and I have a small amount of pressure in my sinus cavities 

1:45 M2: BLT with toasted bread and homemade mayo. 

The sandwich was good. I was starting to feel hungry but not ravenous.  Surprisingly the sandwich filled me up and I feel quite satisfied.  We shall see how I respond. 
I made creamy Mac and cheese for the boys lunch.  The crazy thing is I made this several times during my whole 30 and it never bothered me.  Today however I wanted to dive in face first.  It was not part of my plan, it would not serve my goals today, and it was NOT worth it.  I still struggled with the desire.  

It’s been a fairly productive morning, but I’ve only got half of what I wanted to get done this morning.  Time for babies nap so I guess we will be going to the store after his nap.

Can we say cranky baby!  At least I know why, 3 more molars cutting through.  He is just miserable and pretty much cried and fussed from waking up until his bedtime.  

8:00 M3 - meat sauce with angel hair pasta, mixed salad greens, lemon raspberry dressing, garlic bread.  

I immediately started dinner when we got home.  The boys helped put groceries away and baby fussed.  I tested out the new air fryer contraption as it came in today.  I made some of the garlic bread in it and the rest in the oven.   The air fryer took half the time and didn’t require the preheat.  Yes I think I’m gonna love this thing.  My brain on gluten is like a brain on drugs.  Geesh sitting thinking if you don’t  eat all the salad you may be able to eat two pieces of garlic bread.  Oh and let’s not even mention the donuts!  My hubby and older boys love donuts so every week I get them some donuts I even did this through my whole 30, did not give them a second thought.  Tonight however my brain was trying to convince myself that just a taste or maybe half would be okay.  Again they don’t line up with my plans or goals and NOT worth it, yet my brain pestered me.  

What I learned about me and gluten today.
    1. It makes my brain go crazy and I struggle with remaining in control of my choices
    2. It causes mild congestion 
    3. It causes mild bloating in my gut
    4. It reduces my mental ability to cope and think with stress (like a fussy baby)

Although it tastes as good as I had remembered and hoped, gluten clearly is a use sparingly and  with caution food group for me.  I already expected that this one I was going to have issues with.  I expected my physical symptoms to be more severe so I’m grateful I didn’t get violently sick.  However there is no doubt I would have been violently sick had I caved to all my whims of food passion today.  


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On 2/10/2020 at 11:23 AM, Amy_Michigan said:

Yay, you are so lucky!  I can't even seem to fit an immersion blender in my budget (arn't the cheap ones like $25?) because I always seem to put other things ahead of cooking appliances.  I accidentally just put a bunch of new cracks in my plastic Ninja blender I got back in 2009.  Who knew hot soup would do that???  Okay, I kind of knew it was a possibility, and I know it is bad to put boiling liquids in plastic (eek), but I really didn't want to wait for the soup to cool down.  So before I can even think of pressure cookers, instant pots, and air fryers, unfortunately I need a new blender and an immersion blender.  I can't wait to see all of the new recipes you make with the multi-purpose air fryer, though!  

Girl I have been on that struggle bus! Especially when I was a single mom on my own I remember Duct taping and laying hands on my little blender willing it to survive until I could buy The Vitamix blender I had been saving to buy for five years.  Being frustrated with family members I had asked to not get me gifts but money to go towards those big purchases I wanted and them still buying me junk I didn’t need or want because giving money wasn’t fun.  

Having our own business we live in feast and famine and right now it’s tax season so it’s better money for me and also my hubbys business benefits too because people come running to him to spend their refund on high end roller skates.  I rarely have things I really really want so when the hubby figures out there is something I really want and we are in a time of good money he spoils me.  His reasoning is if he doesn’t spend it on me he will end up spending it on something stupid for him.  

I’m so sorry for your blender.  You may ask people in your circle and see if any of them have a blender or immersion blender you could borrow for a little bit. A lot of folks have these appliances that they never use.  That’s how I scored my first juicer.  

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